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Simple Explosive Targeting adjustment

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    Mud and Blood is pretty much known for random friendly fire as much as it’s brutal nature, however, it get’s a little ridiculous at times where AT or AAA units will literally aim directly at friendly units for no good reason, like to try to take down an armoured car that has no gunner left to actually be a threat, or an AT gun targeting an empty bike and accidentally hitting a friendly tank or bunker, or the abnormally frequent occurrence of units throwing grenades directly at other friendly units when the enemy isn’t even in grenade range.

    I personally had enough of the friendly fire when my very first wave 100 game was ruined at wave 102 when my AAA cannon tried to take out one of the side screening armoured cars (I can never keep track of the name, just what it does) that had parked in the middle of my defences and the result was pretty much totally wiping everything out that I had, costing over 40 TP in a single burst on a target that wasn’t even capable of firing as the gunner had already been shot out, 4 guys were killed outright, 2 others retreated, leaving a single AT gun, the AAA cannon and a random officer on the field. Needless to say, this display of idiocy on behalf of the AAA gunner cost me dearly, especially on the very first time I hit wave 100

    A simple solution would be to prevent units with explosive capabilities being able to target enemies within 50 pixels of friendly units. This would include all AT units as well as grenades. If you must put a restriction on this so as to keep things random and unfair, maybe make it so infantry based explosive users need at least 10 xp before the restriction kicks in. This would drastically reduce friendly fire on the allied side, and might also prevent the AT guns accidentally shooting themselves as that was something I am aware you were working on fixing.


    The simply word will be “You get URBed!”, yeah but that is helpless. >o<

    The idea sounds good to prevent the friendly fire, however, the friendly fire is a common factor in this game, to avoid you to continuous hold your position line with a decent defense. That is what it called:” Flanking! ”

    Flanking is one of key factor to keep MNB2 away from a easy game play, as accident always come and help you to killed yourself. I believe many of men already discuss for that, we still have some way to handle with this kind of issue, like boundary AT mine or non AT gun tactic. Any tactic got it’s weakness, you take the strength you plan for, then watch out those god damn things which can hurt you badly.

    That is base on the tactic you use, unfortunately the “side screening armoured car”(lol) are very common in this game, so might need more way to take care them.

    Good luck. XD

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    I still find it highly irregular that friendly units will aim directly at other friendly units. That just doesn’t happen in real warfare unless you don’t know the friendly unit is there, or is friendly, neither of which apply to Mud and Blood’s defence scenario.

    But if it’s here to stay, while part of the game, can get far too much, since the game lacks a group order function and it makes your AT units look like total and complete morons.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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