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Silent takedowns

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    how do you order a ranger to do a stealth kill w/out a silenced weapon?


    With the Combat Knife.
    Need to have it in your items.
    Then just walk up to a VC from behind while in Covert and he will do a Take-Down silently.
    If you do not have a knife then he will grab the enemy and you can then hold him for various tasks or bring him back with the choppa for a good reward.
    If your timing is off or you are not positioned correctly to do either then your man will start a fist fight with the enemy. That is not so good then they have ninja like HtH skills.
    Hope that helped.


    Stealth kills are all well and good but if you have just discovered stealth attacks I would recommend kidnapping some of them every now and again for nice bit of Intel at the end of a mission. It can be funny to watch all 4 rangers just sit around with a vc in their arms for extended periods of time while you try and get the chopper to come and pick them up.

    I never really liked the stealth kill thing because whenever I tried it either stealth was an option or the team went overt and mission failed. (presumably because they found the bodies, or is that not an actual thing?)

    Chi Long Qua

    VC never “find bodies” and that doesn’t make the mission overt. The yell the VC do when you slash their throats, it’s only audible to you, not the VC. If your mission is going overt, it’s maybe because you got spotted by another VC or sometimes it’s just buggy killing them and you were detected when approaching

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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