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Shelter Progression

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    Maharbal Barca

    Been steadily making my way back to the world of Urbness, although mainly just focusing in on the New World of Last Winter. I was, of course, highly animated upon hearing that Urb had recently picked up and dusted off the LW code. While I’m not rushing him or anything, the buzz of LW had me pondering the hazardous unknown that is our pixelated wilderness of New France. I started with the homes of our fearless Coureurs.

    I recalled that initially there were only ever two structures that we could build to keep out the elements: the humble and feeble lean-to, and the mighty and permanent Cabin. Later on, a tent was added, as well as an option to water-proof our lean-to with palms. The tent being the most important and most valuable to opening up a possible progression system regarding housing.

    The way I see it, the Cabin should be the ultimate end-game content: the entire game should lead up to building a cabin and furnishing it with the many trophies of our adventures. A true testament to our survival and a monument to show that we have truly conquered this New World. Until then, however, it may be interesting to have less permanent housing available.

    The Lean-to acts as fine example of desperation and a home for a new survivor: poor protection from the elements, and liable to fall to pieces with persuasion from the slightest wind.

    The Tent was a logical step up, protecting us mainly from rain, as well as the wind. But it is no match for the harsh cold and heavy storms. However, this was the last option for the Coureur on the move. So could it be possible to continue fleshing out the “in-between” of shelters. Here are just a few concepts that have crossed my mind

    Hut: Constructed by clearing some land and using a significant amount of twigs and pine branches. maybe even a plank or two. It provides significantly more protection to cold and rain than the tent, and also provides a bit more security from wild animals. However it can still be brought down by a fierce wind or heavy snowfall.

    [Stone] Hovel: This one is slightly more complex than the hut, but not by much. Using Large amounts of stone, twigs, branches, and a few boards, the Hovel is more sturdy, but still not quite the level of the Cabin. It will keep you somewhat warm in the dark winter, but it won’t exactly be comfortable.

    Wigwam: A Native American type of hut that utilizes birch bark and twigs to keep out the elements. It is surprisingly effective in moderate conditions. (Native American character gets bonus when building these? Euros must learn how to build by visiting Tribes/reading books?)

    These are just a few initial brainstorms, but I argue that having more options for shelter would be valuable to players rather than having them have to shift from mobile to permanent shelter.



    I feel like a fool … I was about to reference a suggestion on the suggestions thread and it was yours!

    Huts- Better than a tend, not quite a house. Can stand up to the elements a bit better than the former, but not as cozy/spacious as the latter.

    You have expanded on your suggestion a great deal as well. So as I see it now, with your suggestions it would be:

    lean-to < lean-to with pine branches < lean-to with a tarp < tent < Hut < Stone Hovel < Wigwam < Cabin

    Do you have any ideas for interactions with these structures? Such as starting a fire, access inventory, or go to sleep? Or will it be like the lean-to where the player walks under it and benefits from being dry?

    For the hut, do you think it can be patched up? Say a windy day comes by, can the player add more twigs (not 1000 like you can do to fires, but a reasonable set amount)

    Maharbal Barca

    I was actually thinking Wigwam = Hut, but just a different method of being constructed/different materials. Possibly even different method of unlocking the ability to construct it.

    As far as interaction, beyond a few slots for inventory, I really hadn’t considered it. With the cabin you could make a bed, so I wonder if the option to make a bed roll out of hay/grass and a blanket, and that could be added to the hut/hovel. Stuff like that.


    Ah apologies, Wigwam will be equal to the hut. Good good. Hopefully there will be shelters, but there are rumors the first part of LW will be more nomadic, and later on it will be more permanent.

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