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    Arian Manchego

    OHHH YASSS!! Finally completed a second run-through of MnB3. Checking my old messages here… can’t believe it’s been two years in the making.

    New commanders beware, tons of spoilers in my comments below.

    So my rules for this attempt were : no signaler allowed, always on-time or ahead of schedule. First two attemps failed, one at Mortain and the other late in the game, in the Czech mountains. Finally achieved success on my third campaign attempt.

    Much brutality and knuckle-biting, especially in the later stages. Once again, precision mortar and German artillery strikes in the Czech Mountains came _this_close_ to being showstoppers.

    The setup I play my hotkeys on :
    1. Scout
    2. Machine gunner
    3. Medic or Engineer
    4. Engineer or Medic
    5. Rifleman
    6. Marksman

    I field the squad in two groups, 1-2-3 on the left flank and 4-5-6 on the right. They weave across the field according to the available cover. If I was more nimble with the keyboard I would field them in three groups 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, to avoid the crushing losses that inflict a precise mortar shell or a well-aimed grenade.

    Positions 3 and 4 I’ll first-upgrade to Medic or Engineer depending on the situation. If there’s wounded it’s a Medic, if everyone’s ok it’ll be an Engi to get the Bazooka earlier.

    I tried an Officer a couple of times, especially for open-field stages, where the little Sherman was useful in stopping waves of Axis infantry. But overall the Officer is just way too hard to level-up… if you put him out front to gain XP he just gets wasted. Takes a couple of stages for him to get up to speed… and if you continue after that you’re just getting way too ahead of schedule and asking for trouble. (Three days ahead of schedule was the sweet spot for me.)

    My general strategy on offense is to suppress from one side of the field while advancing with the other. An Engi with a bazooka is always useful for suppressing groups, or sometimes the back line of snipers and mortar. Optimizing the use of trees and buildings for LOS and avoiding detection is essential to success. Knowing when to fall back and regroup is critical as well. But there are times when you decide to stick it out and these lead to some of the most exciting moments in the game. And then – just when you think you’re a good tactician – a pinpoint mortar strike wipes out your team.

    Tanks. Once again my strategy was to hide, then take them out with explosives. This worked against Panzers well. One nice thing I seemd to notice about Panzers on this run-through, when there’s no Axis infantry nearby they’ll back up until meeting some. This gave the Panzers a better chance at survival and overall increased the fun and the challenge.

    As for Tiger tanks, on this run-through they were completely invulnerable! I only met them four or five times during the campaign and finally had to simply run around them. There was one I met in the Czech mountains…. I laid into it for two hours straight with bazooka, mortar fire, grenade launcher… set it on fire…. increased the fire.. still wouldn’t die! And this one seemed to act as a spawn point for infantry? They would appear at its center. Maybe the infantry spawn were taking the hits I was trying to give to the tank? In any case, I never destroyed a single Tiger.

    Another thing I’ve never ever achieved is a tank commander kill. I saw that written up in one of your articles Lance, that killing the commander would reduce a tank’s effectiveness, but I’ve never gotten that lucky, even with a maxed-out Marksman.

    A tremendous game, doing a couple of stages was a much-anticipated pleasure every day. It’s also worth mentioning that I have Belgian family and that at my grandparent’s age they all suffered very much during the war. They felt profound gratitude towards the men and women who came to Europe to liberate them, at the cost of their lives. This game does much to convey the constant stress and horror those young soldiers had to go through, without it ever becoming cheap or easy.

    Thanks again Lance and co. for having produced this masterpiece.


    This is sooooo gooood !!!!!!!!
    You need to thank urb, the sole game developer, for this masterpiece.
    We further thank you for the fun you had. Games should make people happy and if you are happen then we all are.

    Your tactical play style is very commending. You have understood what is is to play small-squad-tactics.

    The inability to lvl up fast enough to not need to make some 3+ fields every time one plays and thus getting way to far ahead is a bit sad indeed.
    Leaves a lot of strategies/skills/classes unbalanced.

    Tanks here have a nice behavior but sadly most of their intended features did not make it in so far like to be able to kill the crew with bullets through lucky shots or otherwise damaging “soft” components like antenna, periscopes ect or (and this was in shortly) crew comes out on fire (burning-man) if tank burns over time/ crew can distinguish fire but then tank will not act for that time.

    Tiger Tank not blowing up is a bug. It can be destroyed but apparently something bugs.
    Your observation that it can not die if it is on a spawn point may be right.

    Do check in periodically because MnB2 and MnB3 will get merged into just MnB as a single game soon and will get hosted on Stem and maybe elsewhere too.

    Arian Manchego

    An updated MnB, with more carnage and unfairness??? Sweet, really looking forward to that 🙂

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