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    I am new to recon and my first mission went kind of downhill. Lost everyone except one ranger but managed to evac all KIA with search party. But my living ranger can’t board the helicopter, is this a bug or should I do something for it to work ? This is the 2nd search party that arrived and it still didn’t work.


    Welcome to the Forums.
    So you dragged all the KIAs to the center of the LZ and waited for the Search Party Evac Huey to come?
    Then it landed and all KIAs got picked up but the alive ranger not?
    Did the alive ranger have the / a Radio?
    The “search party” evac helicopter only comes ONCE so that can not be correct.

    There can occur bugs with how the game ends.
    The evac huey has sometimes trouble distinguishing who is suppose to get picked up.
    Especially the Medivac Extract is buggy.
    If the game does not “end” >> goes to Mission Report >> properly then you sadly have to force quit the game (refresh tab for instance) thereby getting a rage quit on your profile sheet.
    If you have Rage Quits then you will not get certain good ribbons.

    However, rejoice cause Recon is getting completely recoded into a much better language and as can be seen in the progress updates that I keep posting here it is a lot better already.
    Hang on tight cause open play is just around the corner.


    Thanks a lot.
    Yes all the KIA got picked up, last man standing wasn’t the radio man. The search chopper did come 3 times though. In the end I did the “rage quit”. As for the new release I recently saw it and was very happy is there a roadmap for it or info for the alpha ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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