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    Not sure how new I’d consider myself to the game, or if this is on the wrong part of the forum, but these vehicles are the absolute bane of everything. They seem disproportionally more powerful than just about any other unit, and have killed more men, and ended more games than any other unit.

    For one, their accuracy is… it’s just incredible, and combined with the ungodly amount of damage that gun does. Well lets just say that’s quite the combo. Even on wave 56, it’s able to accurately, while on the move, from the other side of the screen, take down 3 heroismed units in less than 10 seconds. Also it 360 noscope wall bangs your infantry in bunker trenches like they’re not even there.

    As if that didn’t make the unit already powerful enough, it also deep strikes you, ambushing you, causing ungodly amounts of friendly fire. The only reliable way to not get taken down by these monstrosities, was to place *ALOT* of anti tank mines down each side of the screen, because allowing them to live for more than a second, and everything dies.

    I feel like somethings got to be wrong, when I still feared this more than tanks on my no AT guerrilla warfare medal attempts, by a considerable margin.

    Also the delightful icing on the cake for this unit, is, unlike like other vehicles where if you kill the gunner / pilot, your infantry stops shooting them. This lovely little vehicle has the wonderful property of not being so gracious to do so, becoming a massive bullet sponge for everyone, while you can’t even kill the driver (without AT of course).

    Overall I’d say this unit is gr8/8 and you should definitely implement a blitz for it.

    TL;DR: This thing shoots naval artillery guided by a super computer, and has mastered the art of teleportation.
    Truly Hitlers greatest accomplishment.


    Taken from the Tank-Encyclopedia “On a good road network they excelled, and were seen many times by Allied soldiers and officers -to their astonishment- well beyond the supposed frontline, creating panic and havoc, thanks to their speed and devastating main gun.”
    So yes, guilty as charged Hr. Farlarcia.

    In game they are a bit OP so will all the MNB2 players tell you.
    During the last patch urbzz wanted to implement this vehicle and some sort of HMG like our .50 CAL so I think he simply put those two into this design.
    While it is a very good game asset the sniper like accuracy issue was never solved.
    Nor the fact that this vehicle has no actual recon function unlike the 12thSS.

      Here a few game tips that may help you to deal with this monster.

    *Mining the side lines is always an option but not the only way to keep the riff-raff out of your back line.

    *It has trouble hitting units inside a Bunker (they get saved most of the time) so place Bunkers with Trenches in them on both sides and keep soldiers on their edge that are expendable like Medics, Frenchies or any other non-vital soul.

    *It likes to duel it out with vehicle units.
    – A static 0.50CAL can win against it and even if it’s gunner gets killed it is better then a real valuable soldiers demise plus replaceable for 3 TP.

    ! – My best option so far is to place Sherman Tanks on each side of the field.
    They are totally immune to their gun and can not kill themselves with their own gun.
    To make this work without fearing FF to much you simply place either a Bunker or the Pillbox between them in the middle of the field.
    Now here is the trick. To stop either tank from firing simply move them into the sprite of the building.
    Tanks or any other allied vehicle unit will not fire from inside bunkers or pillbox.

    Hope this helps until we see another patch for MNB2. Good luck hunting.


    Mining certainly seems the most effective however, since I still need my AT units to be destroying the insane amount of vehicles you can be sent on later waves, and also the fact that they can appear in the bunkers I have set up further forward, so placing.

    Regarding the tank thing, I personally prefer the M3 AT gun, and you can do a similar solution, as if you have several, and I hope to god I do, there firing circles are usually at the minimum distance, so you can just move them into each other, as well as the fact the AT guns can fire if you can’t do that.

    Regarding the 50. cals, I find these to be almost completely useless, as by the time it’s ‘worth’ buying them, my other gunners already kill everything, meaning they never rank up themselves, and being a vehicle I can’t just spam TP at them, so they end up being incredibly inaccurate, so while they can take it down, by the time they manage to it’s likely far too late. However they can do a fine job against Brandenburg in a pinch.

    Bunkers add a element of protection, but units, even heroismed ones like my bullet sponge medics, still die at a unfortunate rate.

    My strategy for defeating them overall was a combination of all the things you said above, along with placing 7 equally spread mines along the sides of the map, and your engineer can “safely” plant behind your bunkers, though it’s best to give him a heroism just in case, and the most forward facing mines can still be planted from the safety of the bunker trenches.
    Any that appear further along the field than that are safely out of FF AT range, and can *ahem* safely be engaged in a more conventional manner.

    The setup I had overall , consisted of a pillbox on the bottom left most of the screen, since the AT mines still kill vehicles even if they’re placed in them, a cam net placed so it covers half the pillbox and it’s exterior, another camnet placed next to this one with minimal overlap, so both camnets are not destroyed by the AT mines on the side of the field, the rightmost camnet being able to safely hold 2 AT guns while they can still fire, and I usually stick 2 .50’s in there as well. My rear guard of the mechanic, officer, and siggy, are located in the left most camnet, inbetween the second and 3rd protection protection ring provided by the pillbox, and are also trenched and sandbagged, so they can still fire out, but with maximum protection, and at a moments notice can be completely enveloped by the pillbox incase of a sticky situation.

    The concentration of vehicles under the right camnet is probably the weakest point of this setup, being vulnerable to explosions possibly taking out several units at once, which is which I thoroughly sandbagged it’s location, and the 5 man rule means that no unexpected arty will destroy them, unless the unthinkable happens to your forward positions. Barring that, it leaves only 3 things that could damage your entrenchment down there, all of which are unfair events.
    1: The ME262, which you can’t counter, dropping a bomb, but due to it’s complete randomness and preperations you’re probably fine
    2: PaK 88, Similar to above, firing 3 random arty size shells. Considerably more scary, as the volume of fire means it’s much more likely to get something.
    3: Precision Artillery. I actually lied about this one, it seems to prioritise bunkers over everything else, carry on.

    Couple of things to watch out for with this:
    Calling in vehicles can instantly kill them with your bottom most mines if you’re not careful, but if you placed and spaced them correctly, and are vigilant, you can grab them before they move up enough to kill themselves
    You might need to save a couple of TP more than usual in reserve to replace mines ASAP, you never know when and where they might appear
    The top most mines should be placed as close to the side as possible, as they are at risk of being detonated by conventional vehicles, puncturing a hole in your defence, so you want to minimise this.

    Using this tactic, I’ve managed to get wave 250+ plus with ease, however I had to surrender at that point unfortunately, though as always with Mud and Blood, it required a little luck on the half of unfair events. Setup correctly however, your sig and officer should be nigh invincible, you can add more AT in the form of a 3rd M3 above the center of the right camnet center, though I don’t believe it counts as under it. Shouldn’t be a problem, as if you’re radars up, you can get some Air superiority and take it down, and everything is irrelevant while your bunkers and units up top remain. For more AT you could stick a tank, or as many as you wish, under the camnet. I bought 2 AAA guns, to a debatable effectiveness (though when I checked my statistics after the game it did claim they’d taken down 248 planes… interesting, seeing as I didn’t even see a enemy plane sighted once, and it was the first time I’d bought them), they managed to level up to NCO’s each, but it took a fair while. Their killing power against infantry is notable, but also completely unnecessary as it’s work 4 NCO gunners could have easily chewed through. The soft skinned anti vehicle power is lack luster, as your AT guns will make short of anything that way (hopefully), although they were remarkably effective against my second most hated unit, the KS750 (cursed be your empty carcass, stop shooting at it dammit!),and my 3rd the Goliath Mine.

    This turned into way more of a guide / strategy than I intended it too, so apologies, and also apologies for my extreme and excessive amount of commas.

    But yeah, seeing as half the defensive measure of a entire strategy involve killing even a single SD. Kfz. 222 before it manages to exist, because it’s indefinitely more scary that 4 enemy tanks facing you down simultaneously, I’d say this vehicles pretty busted.

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    Franco Bartolozzi

    Hi how are you?

    Couple of tips for these piles of junk. yes they can be the bane of ANYONES existence in this game HOWEVER with a good strategy and sniper you should be fine.

    As you play the game and accumulate ribbons, strategies change drastically however your hatred for these metal assholes won’t, so don’t let your emotions get to you. (How many times they come out at the bottom where my trench and cam net is and i actually sacrifice my engineer to blow it with an AT MINE.)


    1) ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN, THE BOTTOM RIGHT AND BOTTOM LEFT. i put 3 AT mines on the side with NO booby traps(unless my ribbon puts one on). Give about 1 soldiers worth of space between each mine. Lay them from bottom going up.

    2) the space between the AT mines, Place regular mines in the middle space. so two mines are lined up on the bottom space and the one mine is lined up on the top space
    M M
    AT AT
    M M M M
    M M
    AT AT
    M M M M
    AT CAM net AT

    (im not the best at making computer images however thats what the bottom of your screen should look like when those mines are placed. you should go up to a 3rd of the way up the screen from where your soldiers come out. like 2 soldiers length BELOW the BATTLE PAUSED line. Ever since i have been doing this, it takes care of the ones coming below the battle paused line.

    3) Your snipers will target those pieces of shit ABOVE ALL ELSE. so if you start with a good sniper or just had one from the start, concentrate fire SHOULD DO IT.

    4) best defense against them is a bunker. they shoot at bunkers more than anything else. so if you have a bunker, even with a frenchie in it, it will target that more than anything else. Even tanks, they will target your bunkers, then trenches, before it targets your tank.

    5) If you have no bunker, and one comes out right in the beginning of the game. Move your 2 worst soldiers towards it. I usually give one solider grenades and i send them right towards the damn thing.

    7) Soldiers that are NOT in trenches OR bunkers, WILL DIE with no question. Even your snipers will get their asses handed to them.

    6) remember these are just tips and strategies, this game was meant to be unfair. You would not believe how many times i pull good soldiers out and this metal cocksucker comes out and kills all my men. It has happened to me many many times.

    7) This is a rarity however i can think of 2 different times it has happened, but i leave those UXO on the ground when they are close to the top of the screen. Unexploded Ordinance. DUD ARTILLERY ROUNDS. in the middle i send my engineer to defuse them to get the exp however when they are at the top, they do help. I noticed that german engineers suck balls at 2 things, defusing UXO’s and placing TNT by your bunker. Every time they come out from the german line and they try to defuse an artillery round right away, they explode and die YAY lol. They have never ever blown up my bunker or have done any damage to me with their TNT. NEVER. And they have placed that crap on me plenty of times. I also noticed that their TNT is very weak.

    Hope that helped, happy hunting.

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