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    Awww you guys are great. LOL To blame my hay fever swollen eyes for that goof be lame so I take the URN slap since I urned it. 😉
    Like that idea Reid but here in this country such is not allowed to be kept at home and must be buried as well. Those with power or other “religious reasons” (+ money) can of course do whatever they want with remains.

    Back on topic..sort of. I randomly found this old pic.
    Since this forum is new showing old stuff might interest some out there.
    Notice the name of the Ranger in the Text. Picture is labeled. Romulan Revenge.


    Just a regular,good old Attack mission.My squad lands,everything is fine,no ambushes or traps.Heat is 17.I call in bird dog and I get the grid that the Fort is in.A Charlie pops out of nowhere.Neutralized.I keep my doods moving.And out of no-fucking-where 17-18 militians appear right infront of the fort.SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.I killed half of them,and then decided to test out Fast Air.BOOM.All dead.I get the intel from the table and I decide to move out.Then I saw a village with one of those guys that help you.I pick him up and I start heading for the LZ.Then,around 5 Charlies decide to fuck with me.Welp,they are dead,3 of them were killed by the villager.Here is the result of this mess.


    Here’s the end screen I forgot to add.


    Brutal! That reminds me of an defend mission I went on a short while ago. I took the base easy pete, there was only a mortar position on it. I rushed it and shot out the crew but what I didn’t realize is, apparently, even an empty mortar which isn’t being manned still counts as an enemy unit… And that’ll be important later.

    So I get my squad in a defensive position and the VC attacks, nothing wrong, except one thing. Even when the attacking force was clearly wiped out, the game keeps telling me there’s still one VC unit left around the base I need to eliminate. So I send out my men, thinking he’s hiding, and find no enemies around the base. I get frustrated after 15 minutes of this (my patience is fragile lol) so I start calling in support like gunships and artillery to try and see if I can randomly get him or at least scare him away. Still, nothing. At this point I’m spooked beyond belief and thinking “this one VC guy has got to be some kind of pro.” Then, out of terror and frustration I just start chucking grenades every which way and one of them happens to destroy the unmanned mortar.

    Mission accomplished! the game suddenly tells me as I fumingly march back to the LZ, feeling like an idiot. No screenshots, sorry, just thought I’d share.


    My stealth missions in a nuttshell.


    Can someone tell me what the crap is this?


    @jollywanker As this question might need to be ask in other place but it is also a screen shot, so I think here is fine. >o<

    That asset is a VC Trail, it is resist the MK2 and other small explosive, only Arty, Air Strike, C4… kind of powerful explosion can destroyed it. Destroyed it can reduce the VC moving ability in your red book(You can see it will show as VC Trail), which can dncrease the QRF speed when they are trying to get into your AO.

    It is not a common asset in the AO, But to identify it, you can listen a sound effect which like water drop. When you heard it, means this asset is around you, find it and destroyed to gain the tactical effect to put ORF become much weaker.

    The setting is base on the HCM Trail which can be read in the wiki and real Vietnam War historical resource.


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    Thanks.I searched it arround the wiki,but I did not find anything about it in the Assets page.


    That’s something called a culvert. Basically it’s a drainage pipe covered with a bridge so people and vehicles can walk on it more easily. If you find it and destroy it, it counts towards messing up the Ho Chi Min trail and gives you some red folder bonuses.


    Maybe someone should add it in the wiki? To my knowledge the wiki hasn’t been upgraded in quite awhile.


    As far as I remember ,someone complained that there’s some problem with the access to the wiki, a while ago.
    I don’t know the details but it was hard/impossible to update the wiki.
    I can’t remember now, who was an admin there, but I do believe he’s gone (inactive) now, so we’re not getting there this way.


    I was just about to call Bird Dog when I saw that I landed in the FOB.GG


    The damage and purge of the old site also caused aftershocks in the wiki. The editing functions are broken leaving us unable to edit it at all. Urb has not fixed it yet and Bersimon/Branabus have been AWOL for years.

    Nicholas Andersen


    The Rangers are fine tough.

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