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    A failed BDA 🙁

    A combination of 5 billion trenches, Bird Dog being uncooperative, my stubbornness, and one trench hidden in the trees led to one KIA and a failed mission. I probably should’ve taken note of all the trenches and realized that bird dog probably couldn’t help me, but I tried anyways :/


    well had a few days of not playing for a while. so today i thought why not come and have some fun killing again.

    as i like my M14’s i equipped all 4 with them on this Deep Recon insert and patrolled my Drop off. 2 men with combat only skills and 2 with spot skills resulted in this (missing from the photo is a Jeep slotted with a grenade as it made it’s way passed my marines(just see a tiny bit of debris in the bottom right corner))


    Patrol Report


    @Rob, aka easthulltiger All those VC around you and not a single Ranger dead?! Awesome patrol, man! I definitely have to learn from stuff like this. I want my observe/kill count to look like a “sword”, too. XP

    Well done!


    Stairway to Heaven?

    I keep getting awesome callsigns on relay missions


    @Iotico Trenches, man. If it the traps don’t get ya, the VC hiding in the trees sure as heck will. Bird Dog is of absolutely no help on Dead Drop, either. *shiver*

    @Greendale Lucky. All I have is Echo Two-Two

    Managed to capture two of those legendary NVA while I was on my last patrol. Sgt. L. Cutter got the drop on the first while PFC. K. Grifin somehow got the drop on the second right smack dab in the middle of the LZ.

    And I suppose that this is evidence that even us low-heaters aren’t safe from the NVA. Haha!

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    MNB recon.PNG


    MNB recon.PNG

    Mexican Batman

    my highest kill count ever , 1 BTR and a squad of Counter LRRP’s were there. everyone else was Blue VC and 1 guy was an NVA
    It was a Dead Drop mission


    Nice but posting it 3 times in different places….
    Guess you are real proud of this. To show everyone this picture directly you should use the img tag in the forum like this. Make sure you insert the direct link or use the direct image address by hitting it and then right-click in Firefox.

    Mexican Batman

    Either those are not NVA’s or NVA’s have a less than 1% chance to have American weaponry . One NVA had a M-16/ M-203 and the other had a Madssen.


    Actually all enemies have a certain chance to come equipped with US weapons. I think it’s related to leveling and/or red folder weapons stat. Don’t be too surprised after seeing farmers with M60’s late in the game.
    In fact regional force and NVA seem to have a higher chance to have them. Needless to say they’re more skilled too. Watch out.

    Speaking of weapons, I couldn’t get a screenshot of it unfortunately, but back then I saw a farmer’s AK jam. URB at its absolute finest.

    But anyways, I’ll get back once I get actual screenshots. Nice material, guys!


    Apparently AK47s in Recon don’t even have a ridiculously low jam rate (.7 percent ). This is contrasted with the Stoner 63, which really should have a fairly high jam chance but instead has one of the lowest in the game. Maybe it should switch with the AK47?



    -Holds my Stoner 63 close to my chest and backs up into the corner- Q-Quiet down, Dan! There’s nothing wrong with my baby — I mean… weapon system. It only makes sense that the AK-47 would have a higher jam rate because they are often in the rough, revolting, uncultured hands of the filthy communist bush-rats that we call VC. This undeniable fact only further contributes to the weapon’s obvious inferiority. On the other hand, our Rangers are fine professionals who possess training that makes them superior to the VC in every single way. Therefore, their hands are more refined like that of a genius artist, gracefully moving them across the weapon’s form and always treating it with care, like the bristles of a paintbrush before it is applied onto a canvas.


    Right on! The very fact that these Kalashnikov junk are hand built in run-down, dirt poor, villages in Soviet Russia serve to hammer in your point! There is absolutely no way that a Ruskie weapon built by vodka-swigging rapist bear-people (BEARly human) could outform the finely tuned American machine!

    What’s more, it is COMMON knowledge that gook hands are sixty five point five percent filthier than American WHITE hands. What else could explain how yellow they are?

    The Stoner is built by clean, 100 percent American, non-Jew, non-European, non-Redskin, non-Communist, hands.

    A superior race, a superior gun.

    Buy Stoner. There is no alternative.


    Just bring it down a notch there Dan. Dox, answer is pretty funny and nothing else.

    The AK love is always strong in gaming forums. I find it a lil over the top every time it comes here to. Let me tell you this tho. When I was doing my humble contribution in my generation’s war there is no way in hell i would have prefered the ‘reliable’ AK over an M4. It might be awesome off the crate 30 years ago, but all Eastern Bloc weapons I’ve seen clearly had better days. Has nothing to do with your race or that nonsense you’re talking about it’s just what years off insurgency in a third world does to the equipment.

    So as far as the Vietnam war goes, brand new AKs off the crate were not a common occurrence at least in the books I’ve read but certainly a lot of praise (still today) has been made about the Stoner platform.

    I guess you’ll just have to trust me on that one. Mud and blood games are not perfect but i like to believe that weapon depiction is not where we struggle.

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