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    okay, im not sure what to make of this. so it was a routine firebase defense mission, and the entire base was clear. i didn’t want to gain unnecessary heat by destroying the mortars and HMG so i just had my rangers defend them. then out of nowhere, the mortars suddenly started firing at out of nowhere! it ruined the entire base leaving me with more heat than if i would have just destroyed them outright.

    from now on, i’m destroying all mgs and mortars i see…



    lol That does not commonly happened, well~~ I mean those asset point in your map.

    But well, this does tell you a truth that each of single sand bag count as an asset, although they don’t show in the map for normal. So if you blow up the sand bag, you will get lots of heat.



    is it possible to do multiple missions at once? 😀

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    That would be cool. 🙂
    There was serious talk about side missions for Recon at one point but since the game engine (Flash) is 100% full right now we will have to wait for urbzz to do that new game coding thing (LULU?) and get it up on STEAM.



    Now that Viet skill is finally getting some love, I figured I’d challenge you guys to see how much intel you can get in a single mission. Decent start right here, but I know someone out there can do better.

    EDIT Lance: Conserved this as the original post.
    Please go to the Challenge topic thread here if you want to participate.

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    Mud and Blood General Alexalas’s exploits for children

    First 100% AO reconed

    Next most decorated man in Vietnam

    Then we have 1 million mines

    Fission Mailed

    Hold on how many assets?



    I decided to give my experienced crew a break and start letting Rookies get some XP by letting them do a Hunter-Killer mission (Kill 11 enemies). Of course, I breezed over the intel, and little did I know a platoon of VC were waiting at the LZ Plus another Platoon as QRF. I gotta say, they really pulled it off. Sadly, once the extract Huey panned off screen, the rotor noise stopped and the game never went to the debrief screen, which meant I had to refresh the page and try again. In that same game, I posted my men on the right side of that rock-face and it was an utter massacre; they were all dying on top of each-other. Plenty more VC were off screen too, I’m guessing maybe 45-55 dead in total.



    i see the pile of NVA off to the side of the grenade explosion

    were they thrown there by the grenade or did they get gunned down?
    there’s a rock in the way of shrapnel



    Well, both, actually. The grenade blew them into a direct LOF of my guys (If we’re talking about the same pile).



    I guess they found another way of silencing your guys, making sure they never came back to base.

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