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    I drew it yesterday at the begging of a game so its not so bad when you only have like 5 Intel.


    This was one hell of a mess good thing the huey gunner came with his a game. He killed a lot of villagers that day.

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    Wow that is some messed up LZ fam!


    Why can’t I post here :0 if my posts are showing up for you guys I’m sorry for the spam. I can’t see them 😀


    May have to do whit editing your own posts to fast and to much.
    I also noticed that links can cause a post to fail. Happened top me a few times.
    Must be the security here to keep link spam down.
    Try posing again @greendale and if some things inside the post, like pictures, do not work right maybe I can then help you as a moderator by editing it.


    Oh yeah, it’s the editing that causes that. I only fixed a minor typo and it deleted the whole post. I’ll try again soon 🙂


    Thanks for the sitrep mate. Funny how i’ve read similar accounts in actual LURP books. Whoever made that game is on to something 🙂


    When you’re playing Recon while vibing to synthwave and retrowave music in the background.


    I thought I could try to edit the last post by @greendale and display the pictures directly here. First edit worked well but after I inserted the second picture and hit post the forum ate the whole thing. Sorry. I went back in my browser and copy-paste the whole thing here again.
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    Operation Silent Whiskey

    This was my 6th mission with the LRRPs, we were tasked to kill 9 enemies. Pretty basic stuff, right?

    Nope. We got freaking ambushed. It all started when I saw some tracks that were left by the enemy. I proceeded to investigate further with Benny, while Cook and Skully kept overwatch.

    “This track was left by some sort of local force VC, it is less than an hour old. Based on the track pattern, it seems they move in a group of 14 individuals.”

    The jungle around us exploded with gunfire, it wasn’t the ordinary single-fire musket/sks kind of gunfire we had gotten used to. It was a bloody 600 RPM rain of bullets from dozens RP ofKs and AKs. Oh, and they also had sniper rifles… Those bloody things ended up critically wounding both my team leader and our radio operator.
    All of this happened in grid 1E, at the bottom left corner of the map. Thanks to our impressive collection of explosives, we were able to fight off the VC forces and aid the wounded while still under contact. We then embarked on the longest journey I have ever had to make in my career. Dragging two wounded soldiers, friends, from grid 1E to the LZ at grid 3C is not exactly a swift operation.
    We continued to take fire from pursuing VC for some time. However, they stopped shooting at us some point. I don’t know why, maybe we killed them all. It’s difficult to remember everything that went down.
    When we finally got to the LZ Cook was already fading in and out of consciousness. We managed to call for extraction despite the terrible weather. The sound of the Huey blades swiping through the air was music to my ears. I was in tears by the time I boarded the chopper. Thank god we all made it out of that jungle alive. Cook might never walk again… Him and Bennett are both in intensive care now.

    Here are some screenshots. It was hectic af, so I only managed to snap one after I had boarded the heli. I got the AAR for you guys too. I had already given out the medals I got. There were 2 Purple Stars, a Bronze Star and a Medal of Honour. I gave the MoH to the medic, the narrator of this story, who under heavy enemy fire risked his own life to medically aid his brothers in need. This was a hell of a mission to get back into recon with. Phew. 😀

    Where shit went down

    The AAR

    I removed all the fancy stuff, let’s see if it works.
    *I edited it back in and the forum ate the post….~Lance


    Tyrud, Dude… That’s just fucking Awesome. 🙁 Shame it’s not a video with said music wafting through the air…


    A Bloody-Sunday post with the caption “And the bastards STILL wont quit…”

    Nicholas Andersen

    Not a screenshot per se, but today I inserted in an RTX mission and the LZ had >80 % signal…


    The hunter becomes the hunted. . .

    Ran into these four fellows on an ambush mission today.

    Seconds later I met 2 Regional Force and a handful of Local Force charlies. . .let’s just say my RTO can shoot a mean Grease Gun.

    This was definitely one of my better missions, as I also acquired my HVT and took lots’o’pictures.


    What the hell VC, it was my third mission!!! All I had to do was kill 5 of you, not five fckn hundred!
    Savage LRRPs

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    Look at all that heat!!!

    Mikey Tran

    My best stealth run in an Radio relay mission. My whole squad was in a good position with 99% rate of signal near the LZ when a platoon of local force passed by. My squad members keep spamming “Enemy ahead”, “Contact” while the radioman was constantly relaying message to the HQ. We were lucky that those local troops just passed through the area without any of them spotting us.

    A moment later, a squad of NVA happened to spot my medic and one of those Charlies burn a whole magazine of RPD on my medic, killing him instantly. The whole squad began to open fire as the radioman called for evac on the LZ and the demoman carried my medic to the LZ with the spotter and the sig providing suppressive fire. We managed to get on the chopper and flew back to the base with an unbelievable AAR.

    The reason for the 0% in the heat and stealth is that I took the pic as soon as the counter finished with the spot and kill count, while I forgot to sitrep to inform them of the % of the area that I have covered.

    My AAR of the mission.

    <img src="<img src=”; title=”source:” />” alt=”” />

    ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>

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