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    Thought i’d christen the forums with my hunter killer mission (kill 11 men)

    Landed into a bit of bad luck, maybe i should have scrapped my intel a few days before.

    managed to run away with 1 casualty. and called in an air strike.

    Mission successful

    HTV Elimated, +10000xp!!


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    fkn savage Top12Gun!!


    Good work Rob. ­čÖé
    Pics of the defeated AA-HVT are always a highlight.
    Awesome start into the new year Top12Gun.
    Most impressive seeing the ranks of the Rangers used there.
    Whatever your mission was you sure did not have to go far to accomplish it.
    So what did you do with all that INTEL?


    Arty sure is effective against VC.


    Mostly I will use air burst rounds instead of regular arty round in the firebase mission. Air Burst Rounds have much larger radius make them be very effective to against VC group. BTW, Each Wall destroyed that way will increase heat score which may not be necessary. Also, as you have to walk around the AO to increase Arty accuracy, it have a risk to blow up commander table and cause the firebase mission fail.

    But whatever it is, Nice attack on the pic. >o<


    best screenshot of the day on my hunter killer (kill 7)

    nice ambush with 203 launcher and nades helped me out here with bigger then normal patrols (10%).

    23 kills total before darkness.


    not sure if i’m lucky here or unlucky.

    on a deep recon insert, just as my evac chopper was coming in, look what decided to come across my LZ, a nice shiny BTR (i think it is) managed to wound my most exp’d soldier, but he died (you can just see him about to board the chopper (rear) carried out bravely by a private

    final mission ending, 60 kills


    one of those rare occasions where charlie decides to dig a trench on top of another trench (one had heavy machine gun in it too, until the nade took it out)


    Well, That is pretty rare to see the picture like that, I do remember the worst I have seen is two camp site close as 50 pixels. But never saw some thing like these, Great finding! >o<


    Looks like today is a special day for double trenches! Well, square ones this time.

    Mexican Batman

    The Missing Medal was a silver star and it was a Dead Drop Mission


    nice, i really gotta up my kill rate. not had 70+ in a long time.


    Deep insertion mission

    Nothing like the smell of a evac in the morning

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    I’d guessed either this or tech support would be the place to go to ask: How do I upload screenshots? Do I just insert the URL?

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