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    Just have a very nice day with German tank, as the new AI coding and improve the moving again, now they fight well. To be honest this put some pressure on the player that they can not dig in when facing the tank, and I believe this is what we want.

    They follow and they pin the alley with their tower MG and shell, once German infantry spot you, they pushing forward to hunt you down. The shell will teach you what the hell is. The infantry – Armor tactic now seems become possible to code in the MNB3, as the 0.20e tank work very well.

    Nice work, Boss! ( @urbzz ) Next time I will record a video specify on tank action.

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    Who needs marksman, commandos or gunners when you have medics like this?


    Mexican Batman
    EDIT Lance: Pic looks better when fully displayed here maybe so I took the liberty to make it show here directly by using the img tag and placing the image-direct-link into it.

    Just when you think you got em all and are about to get your guys home ………………………. nope XD

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    Mexican Batman

    Luckily I made it through all that with half a squad though



    That’s what you get in 30 sec, after you run your newbie squad (except scout; he missed a memo about shotguns not being effective at range and was rocking at 60XP already) into 2 mortars, hidden behind hedge, with a rifleman section covering them.
    HELL to punch through.
    Took a lot of waiting and falling back to get through.
    Finally managed to earn farm 20XP on RTO and starfed the crap out of that position.



    It was a tough fight, but 2 made it through.



    Do not HTH early German when you are young, it seems now very helpful tip for any new guys, unless you have no choice to do it. If There is a man with MP40 near you, you better fast. No matter run or get him and stop him with HTH combat.

    How many Sniper are there? ( Don’t speak, all tester keep quiet. )

    Nice day.



    First Review about the new flanking:

    They seems trying to pass through my line then attack, it is not common in the WW2 actually, but I think this is a good example, as they try to shoot me from the back side. Very good try to attack my squad from both side. Only one problem that some of German come to to deep that even pass the starting line. lol

    Another poor day will be this, when two of your men are disable and you are trying to save them, then German give you this……

    See the guy jam his weapon, he is medic. One of gunner and GI is dying and lay on the ground around him, then German give you the arty flare.(Just near the Medic) =_= “You got nothing to do about them, just leave!! The arty is coming!!”

    After arty, and I lose another GI. Bad day!




    Bad day indeed, Arise. Seems commanders will have to keep their heads on a swivel from start to finish with the new German flanking tactics, at least if you find yourself ahead that is.

    Wonder if it will be worth leaving all sorts of mines behind you to deter any flanking Germans.



    Well, got unlucky on my 3rd game. Pz.Gren runs at me at mach four and tosses a grenade, gibbing one of my soldiers and wounding the other two… Just a minor setback.


    edit: This was just off the spawn too, moved up a few pixels…

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    Welp, this is going to be fun.

    Dday +2...



    So I started the ‘Nerf War’ Challenge and immediately upon entering there was a loud BOOM and a cannon shot whizzed across my screen, without impacting. Unsure of what it was, I started moving my men up. Turns out it WAS a cannon:

    Luckily there wasn’t any other infantry around, and my guys scared the gunner off before he could hit anyone with it.

    He did punch one of the guys I got too close though…

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    Nicholas Andersen

    That dead enemy up there? Killed by a shotgun



    Currently all allied weapons have the same engagement of some 500 pix to spotted enemies.
    All weapons can then (theoretically) hit the enemy. The difference is their effective ranges.
    Shotgun is suppose to have a short effective range but if it does hit someone all the way up there then it still causes it’s potential high damage.
    This is something that I personally hope gets changed in future patches since it does look silly to have a shotgun sniper (soldier with high enough Combat+Shotgun) on the field.

    On the other side a Pistol will not even hit at point blank range unless you somehow raise the combat over 100.
    Did that in tests with 300 combat and +30% damage and only then could it kill someone.



    My dreams have come true. This will prove helpful throughout my advance, if he lives…

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