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    Anything; URB moments, weird things, slaughter screenies, whatever.
    For starters:

    6 veterans, 3 trucks full of nazis, 1 road.

    Mexican Batman

    Looks everything prove that the bug is exist! The early enemy, and now we have a HMG near the starting line. o0o!


    In all my games with ver 0.20a the Debug;moving close enemies further up always worked.
    Sometimes the first enemies are a bit further up then before this. Negative to that it that my squad get a lot less xp early on since there are simply no or few enemies to kill early on.


    Just hang with the lovely early truck troop attack, all alive.

    These show us how important the tactical retreat is, and so do the medic. XD


    Some pictures from two testing runs from yesterday. Warning, may contain mounted machineguns (now that we know the .50/20mm HMG is actually mounted MG-34).

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    Three strafe runs and very weird line of sight issues:

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    The gunner on the left was shot by my sniper through the hedgerow outside of the screenshot, roughly through middle of the two central trees. Good for me but not really good regarding consistent game mechanics. The gunner on the right shot my signaler (one burst, first round hit, 114 damage) who was off-picture behind the rock at the very right of the hedgerow. Again, weird line of sight mechanics. Although now the inconsistency is consistent. He got killed once I used my opportunity when the gunner was facing the wrong direction. Rushed to the hedgerow with my sniper and medic, medic rushed the gun and dismounted the gunner. Sniper shot him. Only one and half screens to end line, no further resistance encountered.

    During an earlier testing game, one MG-34 turret opened fire on a pair of my soldiers from the other end of the screen. First burst hit and killed the other one. One hit, 140 damage. Before I could react, another burst, the other soldier died. No indication of how much damage he took. I had fairly solid four-man team left which managed to take out the gun and I decided to advance to another leg. I got a debug message which removed the second casualty becouse he had -396 health. Yep….


    These two picture prove that the German still transform too close to the Alley and make it looks very strange, also express some brutal fight. In that case, dig still can get a great benefit when you are around the end line, maybe this have to discuss in future balance problem.

    Urb brutality!!! XD


    What a carnage.
    “Tactical bonus +70%.”
    You sure you didn’t mistaken MnB3 for 2? You know you’re not supposed to stay in one place in this one, right? :p


    Ha!Ha! Kacpo, you are right. XDDDD

    I just use this to prove my theory, then I got some point:

    1. Pistol is really poor when on the officer hand without any promotion, even he already have 70% bonus, he still hit nothing. So maybe this weapon is really suit for very close combat I guess( Very very close!!! )

    2. Shotgun should be nerf in particular, as my scout rank up to 100exp but non of German lay near my line, so this guy seems too powerful in mid range I think.

    3. Carbine is also not good at all, just better then the pistol in theory.

    4. German transforming will be notice by player, and it is a big issue here.

    5. The massive body will make the game lag, so the auto cleaning can be a list in future plan.

    6. The Officer passive skill require a max cap, otherwise any player can easily let all unit be 100% before they going to another map, I can sure this will definitely not what we want!!


    1. What about making it Very Close combat weapon, which can be used while in HTH? Instead of making a swing, there’s a chance of soldier using his pistol to shoot the enemy.

    2. How about serious damage drop off, not only accuracy penalty, but also less damage at further ranges? This way, even if it hits, it’ll take a lot to kill the enemy.

    3. Carabine is decent. It’s supposed to be backup weapon, with less power than full-on combat rifle like garand. I like where it is now. Decent, mid-range weapon.

    4. Excuse me, what? Could you elaborate? What sort of “transforming?”

    5. Perhaps, can’t really tell anything about this one.

    6. Well, as I’ve said, the idea of the game is to move. And remember, you lose all the bonus the second you’r guys move a bit. A +50% cap may be implemented, but I honestly doubt many players will get there.


    1. Indeed, pistol is not a weapon of a killer. I personally find it fairly decent since it provides a form of suppressive fire which is very useful in my game style. And regarding the bonus, if it is 70% increase, the rifle skill is still only around 25 + range penalties for non-ranked soldiers.

    2. Shotguns are fairly deadly even at medium ranges. Considering that shotgun design has changed very little and professionals are hitting fast moving objects at 70+ meters away, I don’t find it particularly disturbing. Damage reduction at range is something to be considered.

    3. I agree, Carbine is a weapon largely ill-suited for frontline combat. Rifles excel at long range and SMG’s at medium range leaving back-up weapons like the Carbine redundant both damage and importance wise. And why bring a “back-up” weapon to the battle fought in front of the frontline…. But this isn’t likely to change soon so not much else to say about this.

    4. I agree with Kacpo, don’t follow. Unless we are talking about teleportation which the Germans have mastered spectacularly.

    5. The manual clean-up function is there to be used. Have not encountered any issues with it myself. And if the manual is broken, how the automatic would be any less broken?

    6. The Officer tactical sense ability when triggered states that it is lost when moving. Sure hang around for 100% bonus but it is lost when moved. It is supposed to allow the player to break stagnant firefights so I don’t see a cap necessary for it. Stick around for too long and the German off-map support will remove it for you preventing exploits.


    For the 4 and 6, let me explain what I mean deeply. >o<

    First, the transforming of German is come from the new setting since the 0.19 I think, in oder to make sure the German reinforcement will not stuck around the ending line for one air support, the system be change to move the German to much closer to player once there are less enemy around player. But currently this transforming will move the German too close to the alley troop make it just like a teleport magic. In my line, with one scout, it is almost impossible to miss the German when he walk close, also, when I spot German mostly they should moving just as he walking into my spot range. But they don’t move, they sudden appeared there and fight. That is what I say about transforming German problem. As I kill that more then I can prove this is really happened on the current game, not just a accident.

    For another, why I say it should have a cap for officer passive ability. We both know this is advance game and the effect will lose when moving, so it seems there are no reason to do so. This is relate with the current system, like what I say in previous part, system will send the German to close you. So I can easily find a good place like trench after I clean the German. And I just put the screen to other job maybe read some news or play other game. Have a scout and Officer then wait about few minutes to 20+ minutes, when I back I will have a average 30+ exp team and start to play the game. Even he is bad, I can get it on when he is using the Springfield.

    My picture prove, you will not die, no matter what German have. 90% of them will not be able to spot you before they die, so the man can hit you is very very less, no need to say the men who carry with mortar or try to toss grenade to you. You will reach what you want far before these tragedy happened to you. So if these do not provide a cap, I would say that it will be a cheat play method. As I already clean the German on my picture once and clean about 25+ German dead body before this picture be take. So there are about 50 German dead in front of my line, non of my men dead.

    That will be a problem I believe so.


    Something like this prove my theory.

    I also found something very interesting, we all know sometimes the German will become visible even he is out of spot range if you have a long game play. I found something very interesting that this visible – Invisible status of German will exchange by time. Currently I can not specify how long it will happened but I can make sure the German will become visible after time pass, and after much longer they went back to invisible….and continuous exchange forever. (As 650%+ bonus require very long time so I guess this investigate has much higher reliability. )

    So if there are some issue about the visibility of German, that must relate with the system timer, I think. ( @Urbzz )


    @Arise. When a game places something new into it it, mainly enemies, is called “Spawning” and the place where it places this new thing is called “Spawning-Point“.
    Transforming means to change one thing into something else.

    Topic: Settling down to gather XP = Kills.
    I agree that currently this can be done. In an optimal setting this works better then in MNB2.
    Works well with Jeep since it stays as long as you will. I needed to clean the field ever 5 min due to the massive pile of dead.

    Works well in a defensive position (Trench ect) with a few Marksmen and a Scout. Unless an enemy pops up real close by they get shot before even spotting you.

    I also occupied a Bunker in my last game and there I was even immune to explosions.

    This can go bad if the enemy keeps getting close somehow (Trees = LOS Block) and luck-shot-kills your best shooters like in my last game.
    Also there are places on the field where enemies seam to regularly “Spawn”. An optimal defense stand to such a Spawn-Point ensures limitless kills.

    Only things that can now break this up for the Germans are soldiers that somehow manage to get in close without being detected, a lucky Rifle-Grenade, Mortar or a Tank.


    Ops! This still prove that my English skill is poor as usual. XDDDD
    Got it! @Lance

    I just like what Star Trek use transform and use it too common in my home, Ha!Ha! >o<


    Back to game:

    I am not sure how the Spawn point work, but I think they work too close to the Alley troop. It should be outside the Alley Scout spot range. And when the alley troop get close to the Ending line, reinforcement should come out with ending line as previous we have. Otherwise these will looks very unrealistic!

    Yeah! The dig in work very well in MNB3 I think, and some of situation should give some limit otherwise it will be too OP. Glad you like the Jeep now! XDDDD

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