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    I just got the mission “Screen” 50 days into my champaign. I really have no idea what to do and don’t want to just charge in, lose my best men, and retreat into a failure. That is what happened the last couple times I tried it. Some help?


    Hey! Screen missions are pretty fun for stealth. The point of a screen mission is to scout the north of the map (the top map) for the QRF forces coming into the map. You then have to relay that to command (it’ll ask you if the QRF has entered the AO, and then the approximate size of it). What I usually due is track to the edge of the map (left or right) to avoid the patrols coming to the LZ to look for me. I then head north and setup close, but not to close, to one of the top corners (A-5, A-1, A-3 in particular) and wait. I usually use sound cues instead of spotting them via my soldiers to keep from getting engaged. If you are engaged, call support and pull out ASAP, sometimes there can be an overwhelming amount of VC/NVA coming from the north. However, after telling HQ about the units, you have the option to engage and it won’t count as failure.

    That’s the basics of Screen. An interesting mission type that can be hard to master. I still have trouble with screens due to the amount of forces that can come sometimes, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to handle. Move slow, not too slow, and make it in HEARING range (you can keep units in LZ and pan your camera forward, I believe that still works, but that’s no fun.)

    Good luck.


    Screen is quite difficult mission, with rather complex task.
    Very important information, right a the start: CAMO IS VERY USEFULL HERE.


    What do you have to do to win:
    1. Avoid detection.
    2. Wait for NVA.
    3. Report them.
    4. Get out.

    The mission looks as follows:

    You start in the middle of AO which is likely to be filled with enemies, no matter your heat. Moreover, you WILL encounter large numbers of NVA regulars, no matter your heat.

    Your job is to hide in the area and make sure you remain undetected.
    After a while, a large number of NVA soldiers will make their way the north of the map.
    As soon as you realise they are in the AO, you have to use radio, select TOC channel and use “anwser querry” to report the enemy presence.

    After that, you’re clear to engage, as being detected now will not fail a mission anymore. However, as I’ve said, you’re up against lots of NVA, so it’s probably smarter to GTFO.


    STEALTH is absolute must here. It’s easy to spot an enemy formation of this size so, this one time, spot is not vital.
    COMBAT and MEDIC (maybe DEMO) are somewhat usefull if you plan on going hot, as chances are that you’ll get shot at, a lot.
    COMMS are goot to have, as you’re not gonna want to wait for the Huey when things start to go badly. Also, it’ll help you make sure that your report got through.

    You’re gonna be sneaking around, so packing light is good idea here. On the other hand you shouldn’t neglect the firepower though, because you are almost certainly going to have to fight your way out.
    SENSOR is your best friend here, as it’ll allow you to detect the enemy, without risking exposure to the enemy. Take at least 1.
    MEDICAL items are very important because you’re likely to get shot at and having an IV or two is probably a good idea.
    GRENADES will surely come in handy, to disperse groups of enemies or to get rid of single hostiles on the way.
    SMOKE grenades are life savers here. Take a bunch. When it comes to fighting they will help you block the LOS and disengage. Also, vital for signaling secondary LZ.

    Stealth Insert might be helpfull to avoid commotion and initial overt that goes with normal insertion, which will help you stay undetected.

    As soon as you land, get out of LZ.
    Stick to bushes and avoid contact at all cost.
    There are few options wher to go:
    1. North. A bit riskier, but can potentially make exfiltration a lot easier whould things go wrong.
    If you go north, you will intercept the NVAs sooner, and with some distractions and few frags to stop them from following, you can hope to outrun the VCs and make it to LZ before they do.
    2. Sideways. Stay close to LZ, find some dense bushes, and hunker down. When NVA come, pray that they’ll go past you, and if they don’t, you won’t have to run far.

    No matter what you did, When you find your bushes to hide in, stay there and deploy sensor.
    Keep pinging the sensor from time to time. If you have one or two tangos nearby, keep calm. But as soon as you hear a lotof chatter and sensor starts pinging three, five or more enemies, and you hear a rustling sound of people moving through bushes, then instantly report to the HQ, because that’s gotta be the enemy main force.

    As soon as you do that, you are no longer required to keep low. If you feel brave enough, you may open fire and hope to get some kills/hard intel loot.

    No matter what you do, you can extract now.
    Calling extract on secondary LZ is not a bad idea, because Huey will circle around your head and draw enemy fire, while perhaps providing some supporting fire from it’s M60s. Also, the Huey will stay in AO for a while letting you run to the LZ and pop smoke to make it land and get you out of there. However, due to heavy enemy presence it might get shot down before it has a chance to get you out.

    Other idea is to wait and let the NVA pass, thus giving you some breathing space to extract.


    Great post @Kapco! Very useful tips! Screen missions are quite hard, so I tryed to avoid them… since now. I’ll put your tips on practice.


    I have a simple tactic.
    Just land as usual and head north a bit. So to the center of 3B.
    Be wary that the enemy forces you are suppose to make the Radio Call on as soon as you spot them can come into the game right from the start or take a while.
    Spread out a bit in a horizontal line and hide well. Have every Ranger bring a Motion Detector with him. Plant and use often.

    Do as Kacpo stated: “As soon as you realize they are in the AO, you have to use radio, select TOC channel and use “answer query” to report the enemy presence.”
    Visually they will be mostly regular NVAs that simply walk strait downwards. Easy to make out against other enemies that wander around.

    As soon as the call went through I turn on WEAPONS if the enemy spots me and while moving back to the LZ call for the extraction choppa.
    Frags and smoke can help here to get away faster.
    If things go well the choppa comes right on time before much more enemies swarm you.
    If you keep failing the call then your Radio Skill is not good enough and you may get a Game Over.
    Bring along a good Radio Skilled man with at least 3 Radio Skill.

    I have about a 50% chance at this mission since getting spotted by the enemy is so random but even then I usually make it out with all rangers alive if nothing totally URB happens like in my last attempt where while I was waiting for the choppa to land in the LZ a NVA through a nade right in my mits killing everyone.
    Overall a difficult mission. Timely fast paced however for them quick games.


    Thanks guys! This was really helpful!


    I know that this is kinda late, but I just wanna ask how on earth did I get “Mission Success” on my (first) Screen mission, where all I did was recce the north-west corner of the map, saw nothing but trees, trees, and two (probable) Regional Force VC, (I didn’t press the Answer Query option in the radio) and made my exfil in the middle of the night, two (in-game) days into the mission? Anyone?


    Either of these things happened:
    -Game got bugged.
    -You picked wrong mission and picked a recee.
    -You’ve met some unknown to me victory condition.

    Because I really can’t think of anything else, how you might have succeded here.

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