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Ribbons in MNB3

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    Share what ribbons have you got with their requirements and rewards!

    Assault Expert
    Advance without losing a single man.
    +1 starting XP for all GI

    Kyoro Ribbon
    Destroy 100 trees.
    One extra try at weekly challenges


    Bronze Star
    Advance 4 times in one day
    All soldiers have 1% chances to start with a garand rifle

    Combat Ribbon
    Kill 100 enemies in one game
    Your squad’s weapons will do 5% more damage


    Silver Star
    Advance 8 times in one day.
    All soldiers have 3% chance to start with a garand rifle. Stackable with bronze and gold stars.

    I guess the gold star will be at 12 advances in one day? Shame my signaller got urbingly mortared on 9th advance, I would most likely be able to get it :/


    War Effort Ribbon
    Given when 100 men have been deployed
    1% to have an additional soldier at the start of a mission.


    Updated 30 Sept 2017 MnB3 Ribbons
    This should conclude all the previous MnB3 Ribbons replies in pictorial format as at this date.
    Will continue to repost as obtained.

    @Moderator Lance, when this picture uploads successfully, please help to delete the above post of “Reply#6285”.
    Thank you for the edits.

    Summary of currently found MnB3 Ribbons As at this date


    Has any one seen a 7th come from the war effort ribbion?


    Nope, and if anyone has seen other ribbons, would help if they are posted here whilst wiki_MnB3 is unavailable. Just wouldn’t be bothered to rummage around, seeking ribbons aimlessly.


    Yes a seventh soldier at the start was possible but I am not sure if that has been coded back in again.
    I think that the total number of current ribbons is about 15 but not all are known.
    A couple of special ribbons that urbzz once said be in can be achieved by completing the Hedgerows 5 days in advance and another field/stage 5 days in advance but I forgot that second one. Could be Mortain.
    This information was in a group that is now gone.
    urbzz likes to keep a few awards a secret so that players can find them for themselves but I feel that a few unlock requirements are to specific for players to even think of so in case anyone out there can remember specific rare ribbons then please post them here.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Oh goddamit, are we going to have an epic hunt for the McRibbon again?

    …I’m up.


    (weird, post disappeared, retyping)
    I attempted the Hedgerow special ribbon, but unfortunately, i don’t think i can get it on my end anymore.
    From Hedgerow D-day+21 8 days behind to Outskirts of St.Lo D-day+22 6 days ahead, “completing Hedgerow 5 days in advance”. I may have misunderstood this.

    Picture illustration:
    Attempting Hedgerow Special Ribbon Pic 01

    Instead, I think it should be completing Omaha Beach at least 5 days ahead, then moving off Hedgerow whilst already being at least 5 days ahead to Outskirts of St.Lo(3rd map) to get the supposed Hedgerow Special Ribbon.
    Unfortunately for me, I never thought of moving pass Hedgerow to save progress, only ever sending my men to forward till they die endlessly.

    Picture illustration:
    Attempting Hedgerow Special Ribbon Pic 02

    Therefore, I don’t think i can obtain this special Ribbon anymore, and thus will not be able to publish its pictorial ribbon picture for all to see. I also would not want to delete/restart to back-track progress just to find this suppose-existent ribbon.

    I leave this task to another to follow up for. God Speed.


    Well, I got it saved on my desktop, but aint figured out how to get it over here… ..aint that a bitch…

    In any case, I’ve got;
    Assault Expert Ribbon, Bronze Star & Combat Ribbon on my first outing.
    Picked up the Kyoto Ribbon & Silver Star next-{ 🙁 after dying several times}-time I collected.
    And just scored the Gold Star & Close Combat Ribbon(Go team Pink!) on a long run with 4 Commandos & 2 Medics. 😉 Plus the Frenchies that had to replace the lost men. 🙂

    The Lone Ranger

    This is the “Operation Cobra Ribbon” Lance was talking about. Everytime you advance a map your squad gets healed by 10 HP.


    Could someone update this medal list please? i’m really struggling after Omaha, 1 st game 8 legs and then i get crushed in Hedgehows, even with a +1 or +2… Feel like reseting every time, to have more medals i guess…


    • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Shendar.
    • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Shendar.

    I think the list is up to date …

    Just go from Day one, and it’s okay if you get +1 or +2 … try to get +5 before and while you leave the Hedgerows.

    I am having fun experimenting now in the Hedgerows … great time to fail 🙂 If you get to +5 and don’t want to get any higher. Halt, start with new men, and halt every map it will +1 day but keep the days +5.


    For the “Operation Cobra Ribbon”.
    Just don’t do what I did. Was 4 days ahead with 2 fields to go.
    So technically I was 5 days ahead as I left the Hedgerows but the game did not give me the medal.
    On my you-tube channel is a vid of this.
    Therefore I would say to make sure that when you start your game that brings you into St.Lo that you are already 5 days ahead.
    Best be of course that you have only one more field to go or this will become harder per extra field that you need to cover.

    All others are still the same. Check the list above.

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