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    Came across a village, I have a ranger who I use as my comm officer and my “Natives” expert and he convinced two of them to join our cause, even armed them with some muskets off some nearby dead VC that they used to kill. Was disappointed to find out that there is no bonus exp for successfully keeping them alive and getting them on the chopper.

    Since you get a reward for capturing prisoners, you should get bonus exp and maybe even intel (since they have knowledge of the AO), from recruiting local villagers to join the South Vietnamese Army or other indigenous fighting force, which is harder in my opinion then capturing a prisoner since villagers do not always appear in the AO.


    solid work ive only encountered villagers about one times… ever

    i agree with you on giving xp AND intel for converting villagers. thats an accomplishment in my opinion with the rarity of villagers and also having a ranger with enough VIET skill to convince them to fight the VC. i honestly didnt even know this was possible


    There should definitely be a bonus for bringing home friendly villagers considering how crucial the idea of “Hearts and minds” was to operations on the ground and the message being relayed back stateside. Perhaps in addition to or instead of intel, bringing home friendly villagers should give good amounts of merit since you are contributing directly to the stability of the country and the overall mission.


    Merit sounds reasonable, just imagine the back briefing.

    “Sir, the mission was a success, 26% of the AO was observed and the enemy sustained casualties. All four rangers and plus two were successfully evacuated.”

    “Plus two?”

    “Yes sir, apparently the rangers came across a village and according to reports 2 able bodied Vietnamese decided to rally behind our cause and they actually engaged in firefights alongside the men before joining them on the helo extraction to be to formally be inducted into service and further trained.”

    “Well I’ll be dammed, looks like McMuffin can get his men to build relationships alongside breaking stuff.”


    i also think you should be able to trade in killcards you dont want for merit… think of it like coming in under budget… i have 6 going in heavy cards that i dont ever use…


    That sounds very reasonable. Good idea. 🙂
    On topic head; More hefty rewards from villagers then what they tell us and their help seams to much.
    However a small bonus for taking them back to base could be OK.
    How about 5 intel points per villager since that is basically what they would give us anyways.


    As long as I get something for recruiting them I would be happy. I also like the idea of getting bonus rewards from villagers that scales with the Vietnamese skill. Truth is I have only 1 guy in my chalk ANY skill points in Vietnamese, since it just seems like a waste with the few rewards that comes with talking to villagers.


    O but the VIET Skill can do so much more. For instance it determines your soldiers chance to find INTEL since he will have a locals (VCs) view on what to look for.
    We all love to get lots of INTEL.
    Unsure if it is also helpful when “interrogating” a snatched enemy.
    Pretty good Skill then eee..


    That’s true, but for stealth committed play through in which contact with the enemy is reduced to a minimum, you won’t rack up enough dead Vietnam to gather enough intel to make up for the point investment. Same applies to enemy assets, since they are usually guarded I only risk searching them on rare occasions.

    So for stealth players,at least on my stealth commited play throughs, the large majority of intel comes from observing the enemy at a distance and exploring the AO, not searches.

    Of course in my reckless play through where I rack up as much dead Vietnam as possible even then just having 1 guy with Veit skill is enough as long as you only use him to search corpses and assets.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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