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    There is no dedicated suggestion topic thread for the NEW RECON game so here it be.

    I think grenade range should be nerfed lua recon, or alternatively weapon range should be buffed
    kind of silly that grenade throw range is so much further than XM177 effective range on semi auto
    I second this.
    Not only range nerf hand grenades but also the damage they do cause in the jungle that nade could have landed in a place where it explodes with but minimal effect for it’s blast area.

    If possible the Terrain Type where the nade lands should effect it’s performance.
    Say it lands in water then the blast would be very small and if it be a gas/smoke/WP nade then it would just fizzle in place for a while without any effect.



    Counter lrrp need abit adjusting
    Mainly how they camp LZ
    Camping LZ is fine
    They need to hide in tree though
    I am sure urb can code it


    New Unit Idea

    Scout is something urb interesr
    NVA had scout that did nothing but stalk your rangers
    They will stalk you and report back to HQ

    Chi Long Qua

    Maybe going off the scout idea, there could be a 2-3 man NVA team following you. A radioman, Forward Observer & trail guard. Their job is to guide NVA support weapons on you. For balance reasons, they should appear on moderate heat, killing the FO or Radioman will cancel support called on you & they will flee the AO if fired upon/compromised.

    I don’t know if these implementations will possible due to coding or balance, but adding Napalm under fast air? It burns an area for 10-30 seconds and the bodies can’t be searched for intel. For balance reasons, it has to be marked with smoke. Weather, visibility & your radio operator skill level will affect the pilot’s ability to see the smoke. It will require your radioman to past 2 skill checks (similar to calling in spooky), 1 to call in the strike, and another for the direction the plane will travel in.

    I know this has been brought up before, but I’ll like to mention it again. QRF. They will be 1-4 rangers from your unit you can assign to your QRF. Will reduce their morale & increase fatigue on every day assign to QRF duties. Calling them in, you’ll face possible merit hit & further increase fatigue. QRF will only stay/defend the LZ you call them to, this makes it very risky you’ll sustain casualties & should be the last resort. Will get automatically deployed with the search party if your team maintains radio silence for too long

    New Assets. SAM sites. Or could be a new HVT. Will appear on high heat patrols. Every SAM in the AO will have a 10% (5 SAM sites max, with 50%) to shoot down air support, with the exceptions of extract, medivac, apache & bird dog due to their low altitude. A successful shot down will cause a crashed plane in the AO.

    New kill card/insertion method? Paradrop. Similar to the insertion VIA helicopter, but the patrol will remain covert. Your rangers will get stuck trying to unfree themselves for a bit and will be vulnerable. But can extract on foot.


    Good stuff man.

    This “/insertion method? Paradrop” was never done nor can I see it working in the game.
    Covert? There will be a plane you jump out of and it will be flying a bit low
    There is deadly jungle/ bad terrain under you. Jump into that . .. .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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