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    Unib Rovodkalan

    any cool or interesting story’s of a mission

    Unib Rovodkalan

    one of my worst runs was were i took my high level squad and attacked a fire base on 45 heat we got shelled by someone i only know that i didn’t call it they all died and i have a lot of grinding to do


    Just sent out my veterans for a standard fire base mission. The plan was going to be a quick hit and run, and get my men out safely before the NVA could deal some serious damage. I had an extra kill card with a cobra escort so I decided to bring it with me for some extra support. When the choppers dropped down I quickly realized we landed right next to the firebase. After landing, one of my choppers was shot down immediately due to immense ground fire. Shortly after, my cobra came back to get vengeance. The cobra flew over and unfortunately got vengeance on the wrong guys. The cobra blew up 2 of my highest ranked LRRPs and left another to bleed out. I had to send my last LRRP to the radio to get the fuck out there but he was quickly gunned down by surrounding turrets. Maybe I won’t be using cobra escort anymore.


    That’s tragic but also a realistic part of the game setting.
    Did you not have pictures to go with this? Discord?
    Anyhow; Cobra Helicopter is a monster in the field.
    To use it halfway safely I would recommend tossing smoke so that it will only engage targets around that marked area and move your men out of that area asap.

    The Kill Card Cobra is dangerous to use indeed since it puts your men at risk too unless you enter the AO by foot somehow (mission related or use another kill card) and then let the Cobra run wild but that creates other problems like making you go Overt and thus automatically failing some missions or kill card objectives.

    Perhaps in future versions the Cobra should come in prior to the Hueys, do it’s work in the LZ and leave as the Hueys arrive in the LZ.

    Personally I like to use the Cobra as a deterrent to keep the enemy busy while I make my getaway.



    (It has been a while since I posted. But heres a picture of a game I finished a few minutes ago. It was a dead drop, and special thanks to Lt.Dan for his Dead(ly) Drop guide.) I went in with four rangers, came out with three. The one KIA was courtesy of a trip mine… Probably my fault for rushing slightly. He passed on the eve of the first day, halfway through clearing the trenches. I left his body at the LZ and rushed on, as he was the medic and didnt have anything super vital to the operation. (All my medics seem to be the first to die…)

    We finished clearing the trenches, and the defensive structures behind them by stroke of noon on the second day. Still no box. We had been calling bird dog and wearing thin our radio thanks to… more than a few cobra runs and a gunship blanket. So, we decided this would be our last call before calling it a big fat loss… Everyone had taken a scrape, ammo was running low… The second night was approaching fast.

    Lo’ and behold, Bird dog gave us the news we wanted to hear… “Some expensive looking box at Charlie-2 with three bad guys hanging around.” We merged on it with the force of crusaders hitting the walls in Jerusalem after a long crusade.

    It took another full day to find the damned thing, now would be a good time to mention, thank the Kit Carson scouts, they are your friend. As night hit on our third day, we were giving up hope. Though, a Vietnamese accent rang out… And the Kit Carson scout called to us. There it was. That beautiful box… Sitting… One tree line over from the spot we had camped for the night.

    We kissed that beautiful bastard, collected the supplies and headed for the LZ. We managed to board the chopper with our comrades corpse in tow…

    Been back at base for a few days now… Hearing word through the grape vine about a downed pilot…

    Will report back with more details.


    Very nice AAR. Good read man. We love that.
    These games demand a certain hard core tenacity at times but that is what makes them so enjoyable in the end.
    Keep it up!


    Good stuff. It’s fun to think that story stories like this come out of a game play experience at times.

    Monica Kraus

    Very nice.

    Monica Kraus

    Recon Kills

    Recon, 115 Kills.

    This was one big firefight. Deep Recon. 3 FNGs with a previous lone survivor, armed with M60s and Frags. Most of the fighting was during night time. Casualties started to happen once the VC started to rush our position due to the tracks left behind by the Rangers. Last Ranger hid in a tree until the Huey arrived.

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