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    I though the same Tyrud as I passed them “squiggly plants” back then. *grinn
    As for animals in general in Recon. Only snakes posed any relevant danger to GIs and our Rangers fall under those that took good care not to get bitten by animals out there.
    If at all poisonous snakes could act in game like a VC trap. The VC actually used them as traps.
    Effect could be instant incapacitation at say 22 hp were “bleeding out” simulates the poison effect.

    #Two-Step Charlie was the nickname for several of the snakes in the jungles of Vietnam. Rumors stated that after being bit by one of these highly venomous snakes, you would die within two steps. This booby trap was an act of pure ingenuity. The Viet Cong were using every single thing they had at their disposal to inflict casualties on American forces, which included animals in their environment. They would take the snakes, and trap them in old weapons caches, to attack soldiers who might discover them. On top of this, they would often nail the snakes to doorways and trees, to strike out at passing soldiers.

    And here one hell of a well written real life Vietnam War Snake tale that I randomly found.
    A MUST read!!!!!



    Love this story.

    If say what is best snack in the recon, it is them. >o<



    Here comes about some idea for Snatch system in recon. ( I think this one is not so crazy. XD )

    1. Rope

    *When you snatch some VC, you can click the ranger back pack to use item – Rope. The VC will become a status like disable Ranger which laying on the ground and can’t move anymore, so ranger no need to worry about he will trying to escape. ( Use rope to keep him tight, yeah! )

    2. Bring the Snatch as general action no matter equip with knife or not.

    This mainly is to make sure player be able to snatch VC when they carry knife, in current game, the VC will be auto take down when ranger have knife. Take down will be suggest to use hot key [p] to complete as we will be able to use pistol to killing VC when we snatch them. ( Setting the code to change the action when ranger equip with knife. )

    3. Decrease the possibility about stealing weapon and escape to 0 when you are using interrogate action.

    Mainly stealing the weapon and run away will not happened when you are asking him something, scream is possible, but take a weapon and run away is not as real as it should be. We will keep the player doing this more, so this should not happened on this option.

    4. Decrease some of possibility about scream, escape or stealing when you try to choke someone. As the ranger is special unit with well training, also attack from the behind to break the neck or simply killing someone in hand to hand combat is very easy, so I believe we should provide more successful rating on choke.

    Base roll of choke should be 50% to success, 25% to scream, 12.5% Escape 12.5% escape and steal the weapon. For every combat skill point:
    0- 50, 25, 12.5, 12.5
    1- 60, 20, 10, 10
    2- 70, 15, 7.5, 7.5
    3- 80, 10, 5, 5
    4- 90, 5, 2.5, 2.5
    5- 100, 0, 0, 0

    Fun pic: ( It is just for laughing. >o< )

    5. Silent Pistol

    Kill card weapon choice, can be use in very close range combat or simply pin down enemy silent. When ranger equip with silent pistol, they can process Hot key [p] without causing overt under snatch status.

    Have a nice day. >o<

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    I think it would be cool if during pilot rescue missions if the pilot gets 3, 5, or even 10 kills then you get a memo asking to take that pilot into the ranks. I just know sometimes pilots are too bad ass.



    What about some sort of Apocalypse Now reference? Like E.Kurtz has extra stealth and combat, and maybe for an EXTREMELY rare chance, Colonel Kurtz’ unit comes out of the jungle and overruns the VC, and will attempt to kidnap your rangers. Maybe even a Tiger that comes out and scares the hell outta your Rangers (They would just run out and hide or attempt to light up the Tiger)

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    I think an extremely crazy idea would be vehicles that your rangers could use, here is a list of some of the vehicles that could be added.

    – M151 1/4-ton utility truck (Also known as the Willy’s Jeep), this would carry all of your rangers (depending on the load out), it would be unlocked at 1st Lieutenant and would be inserted much like your rangers (meaning you would select it in your Chalk and then the Hueys would airlift it in) However, the trucks would cause worry in the QRF and would cause them to move into the A/O.

    – Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando, this armored truck was used by USAF Security Forces, but you would use it as what ever you want! As a recon truck, ambulance, APC, anything! This would cause massive concern with the QRF, as they don’t want a LRRP Squad rolling around their A/O wrecking havok. This would be unlocked at Captain.

    – M551 Sheridan; Not used by Rangers at all, but was used in the Army Airborne and would cause EXTREMELY large concern in the QRD and would cause them to send in their own tanks. The army would also send in about a squad of their Soldiers, that YOU could command. Would be unlocked at around Brigadier General.

    <Loadout Items>

    – M2HB Browning Machine Gun; Slow Rate of fire, Good killing power, large magazine, and would be unlocked at 2nd Lieutenant (Same as M60)

    – M67 Recoilless Rifle; EXTREMELY slow rate of fire, good killing power, 1 shot to a tank, and would be unlocked at captain.



    So here is a new equipment idea: Kidnap Kit

    *Item picture with tape and rope.
    *Bulk: 4
    *Quantity: 3
    *Unlock by Medal, Medal name: “ Unknown “, Prison 50 VC to the Huey to obtain.
    *When the ranger snatch the VC, click the Kidnap Kit, the VC will become a alive body, which can be carry like Ranger’s body. So you don’t need to worry about escape or even take your weapon away when you do anything. You can also use the Kidnap Kit you don’t carry but other ranger does for snatching VC too.

    Must be Stealth style player favorite. XDDD



    got your medal name Arise,
    “POW Ribbon” and maybe reduce from 50 to 25 as even I have only caught 10 or so VC over about 4 tours.



    Card idea :
    False Intelligence
    Puts an enemy HVT in your next AO, increased enemy presence
    Your agents spread false intel to lure an enemy HVT to your next AO, the enemy isn’t going to take everything for granted though, expect more of them

    Distrupt Supply lines
    Reduce a random number on the VC strategic asset modifier (Weapon, health, vehicle, deploy speed, command, and amount) by 10%

    Relay Team
    Your next AO will be guaranteed to have Loud and Clear radio signal, another lurp team is doing the RTX for you

    BLU – 82
    Call in a C-130 cargo plane to drop a Daisy Cutter on a set grid on the forest and watch it obliterate everything in its radius, trees and VCs alike, try to be on a different postal code when it happens

    New Radio support idea :
    OH-6 Cayuse
    Fast recon heli, can be ordered to recon a grid on the map to reveal enemies & assets that are not concealed, VERY fragile, will withdraw ASAP if engaged, causes overt status if it is spotted & engaged, but otherwise maintains covert
    Maybe it also can act as emergency or stealthy extract, being able to reach LZ faster at the cost of the heli itself being extremely fragile

    New Weapon
    Scoped version of M14, features superior range but uses 10 round mags and increased recoil and slightly more bulk

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