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    Somehow we do want some beautiful thing or awesome setting get into this big game and the idea will be wild and crazy. So make sure we have a place for these good and bad stuff to show in the MNBR forum. Here is the place. No matter Light Saber or 50BMG Gun, just call here, even they will never in. Of course, if you got some uncertain suggestion, you can simply post here as some of men will not sure about the current Recon game status, post here to find a good way to express the idea will be also good.

    Of course, if you really want to discuss or suggest some very good stuff, don’t post here. Simply create a new thread to discuss the specific idea or suggestion, this follow our highest concept: ” Specific Topic should have a Specific Thread to Discuss “…… @Lance-2016

    Good day for Recon everyone, try to give some living space for VC please. >o<


    @Farlarzia ‘s picture give me some idea. I am a stealth style player and really love to keep quiet and wish to keep the heat score as low as possible. But even me somehow will feel the searching process is very boring. So here comes some idea:

    1. Add a some villager’s body that random appeared in the map ( Just like the BDA Impact Point somehow will contain with NVA dead body), Mostly will have to spot by Ranger team. He might be excute by VC or dead by hungry…. any way can be. These give more possible Intel for player.

    2. Side Mission, just like the a small book which contain with some quest require Ranger team to finished. It is not like the HVT hunting or main mission, it is like the most common setting in cell phone running game. (Like you have to kill three zombie in one round, or you have to press the red button ten times.)

    If we translate to Recon language, it will be :
    Side Mission Book:

    1. [Green]Take Ten picture on some asset. (3 days left)
    2. [Yellow]Destroyed 1 rice Bag. (5 days left)
    3. [Red]Disarm 1 pressure Mine!!!!! (15 days left)
    4. [Yellow]Collect 50 Intel in one mission. (4 days left)
    5. [Black]Kill more then 100 VC in one Mission. (13 days left)

    *The color means the side mission level, estimate the hardness also affect the reward when you complete it.
    *The mission will update and will be very quickly and contain lots of it. When the day end, the mission will be remove, and new mission will in. (Number will not always balance)
    *After you finished a mission, it will auto give you a circle, then you can simply click it to get your reward.
    *The mission reward will contain with lots of thing, like Intel, Merit, Morale, Exp, Extra Day, Kill Card or some mission effect. The harder mission you finished, the better reword you will get.
    *Some very good kill card only can obtain by side mission. (Maybe new weapon or equipment)
    *When you complete about 200 side mission, you can get a ribbon and effect will be get more side mission on the book then before.

    3. New kill card! ” Deep enemy’s Territory ” A Pre mission kill card, after you use, the asset(except trap) Number will potential increase in this mission, will lose the effect if you turn off the game.

    Good day! >o<

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    The kill card you suggested sounds perfect!

    I’d like to see a more diversified enemy fort, over the same firebase design for both teams.
    Or perhaps random base designs each time, with structures like watch towers, heli pad, barracks building, etc, and the base could also have a variable size.

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    Potato Masher

    I have a suggestion, but it might be overpowered

    1.Add a kill card which allows the squad to become a six-man team.
    According to the 1968 LRRP conference, there would be 6-man squad which carries heavy firepower in order to dupe the enemy into thinking that there was a larger unit in the area.

    But it might be too much, because you can carry a lot more, have more meat-shields, and have tons of firepower.


    Yes, this one be mention by so many times. But I believe this one will be very very hard to add.

    Ignore about the game loading, if talking about the future wide plan, 6 men is possible but that will change the whole game environment which already be balance well by player and tester. So I don’t think that will be a good option here, at least for now.

    And the kill card will not unlock the new system, I guess your idea can be present with some non AI unit which can be use by kill card when player wish to have more men to control on the ground, very similar to the Kit Carson. ( Of course he is AI )


    I’m putting forward some very old but very poplar suggestions from the old sites:

    1. Let there be an extremely rare chance of a Predator appearing in your AO, you can tell you might be hunted when you hear the sounds of a Predator, voices being played back, like “over here” and recorded victims laughs, dead VC/VC screams and gunfire in the background, or a massive energy ball heading straight or on of your Rangers!

    2. Let there be a rare chance of Russian special forces (Spetnaz perhaps?) being deployed to eliminate your problem team of experienced Rangers. Al a Rambo.

    3. I’m not sure if this is already in but when you go to select your Rangers gear, the Hueys would be playing some good music, like Little Richard Long Tall Sally etc, mine used to do it, I reset my profile and it stopped so I assume it has to be earned?

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    Predator would be awesome. 30,000 XP bonus for the kill, eh? Maybe you can get a killcard that allows the predator to spawn in the next mission or something.

    Spetsnaz or some other mercenary (perhaps Chinese special forces) would be cool to fight.

    For number three I’m pretty sure the music has been discontinued as of the newest update. No idea why. I can tell you that it’s probably not earned since I have no music even on my 1-star general account.


    A while ago URB informed that he’s removing most of the music because of copyright issues. That’s why “Paint it black” is gone from the killcards screen (my favourite thing about it ;_;)

    As for crazy suggestions:
    More name references that give secret bonuses!
    F.Gump: maintains normal speed when carrying downed ranger
    A.Schaeffer bonus to survivability and stealth when he’s last one left. +10% chance of predator spawning :p

    Performance related experience:
    kills = combat skill
    spotting = spotting
    avoiding detection/concealing tracks = stealth
    talking with locals = Viet
    planting bombs, defusing traps, throwing grenades = demo
    using med items = med
    using radio = comms
    (OFC 1kill =/= 1combat exp. but, 5/10 or so…)
    Also, change basic 30% + 10%xSkill point into more RPG stats like 45combat / 66spot / 32 comms
    so the gains wouldn’t be so drastic.

    Customizable Hueys
    Heavily rank/achievement related.
    Being able to change insertion method: (1 huey = chance to avoid QRF. multiple hueys and false inserts = less QRF)
    Huey weapons: M60 -> M134 -> Minigun + rocket pods.
    Music played during flight


    Damn! I would say I agree with these three, but the first one seems need a code bank to accomplish. >o<

    Nice Huey picture, and the mini gun really attract me. I want one in my profile!!! QAQ


    I’d definitely go for upgrades on the Huey, with each one unlockable by either Killcard, rank, or XP.

    I’m thinking that each helicopter can be customizable with two slots, and when you reach a certain rank, you get two more slots on independent pylons for 4 slots in total. Thus you can pre-arrange your loadout for what kind of heat mission you want.

    These upgrades also go for the Cobra gunship as well, but you get 4 slots to begin with AND an extra slot in the front for either a cannon or machine gun. Cobra default is cannon and rockets though.

    Here is my definitive list for upgrades and how you get them (These are all real-life Huey upgrades btw):
    1. M60D Machine Gun:
    Normal machine guns. Should be able to wound/kill VC as well as pin them down, but they are very inaccurate. Default machine gun that you get in the very beginning.
    2. M2 Machine Gun: Harder hitting than the M60D but does not pin as well. More accurate, more damage, shoots slower. Unlocked at 1st Lieutenant:
    3. MA-2: 2-tube rocket pods. Can pulverize any target but it is very inaccurate. Runs out after two shots. Unlocked at Captain.
    4. M134 Minigun: VERY fast fire rate, but low accuracy. Easily pins but also can kill due to the high fire rate. Unlocked at Major.
    5. TLSS: Fires smoke grenades into the LZ so the crew can land safely. Unlocked at Lt. Colonel.
    6. M158: Same as M3 but there are 7 rockets instead of 2. Unlocked at Colonel.

    Unlocked by killcard:
    -M75 grenade launcher: Automatic 40mm grenade launcher that is almost as powerful as the rockets but it has slightly more accuracy. Also less range.
    -XM26: 3 TOW rockets. Devastating accuracy and power but fires slowly.
    -M3 ARA: 24 rocket tubes. More than triples the amount of rockets that can be fired.
    -M24A1: 20mm cannon that is both accurate and hard hitting. Smaller explosion radius than the 40mm but it is more accurate and rapid.
    M6 launcher: Same as smoke grenade launcher but it fires tear gas at the opponent, allowing your team to safely enter and easily take out the enemy.
    XM11: 3 AGM-22 anti-tank missiles. Instant vehicle destruction, may prove useful if VC tanks are added into the game.
    M56: Mine dispenser, deploys an AP mine every couple of seconds in the AO.

    I realize that some of these options allows for the easy destruction of the ZSU-23. Thus the ZSU-23 should spawn somewhere random in the AO instead of the middle, and it should be able to shoot down helicopters like in real life.

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    @Lt.Dan I’m not sure if the Predator already exists, I remember URB stating that he, for testing purposes, created an OP unit, and that he may put a Predator skin on it and include it in the game.

    And I’m sure the commies at that time (China, Russia etc) did send some special forces secretly to help and assist and train the VC so I’d say it’s pretty reasonable for us to have a rare chance to encounter them.

    I would of thought the music URB put in was so old that copyright doesn’t apply? Songs like Long Tall Sally are decades old, I would of thought they’d be free to use.

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    The dangerous animal most common in the jungle will be snack and something small insect. So I believe this one should be good, damn! It sounds terrible idea. lol

    *Snack will inside the jungle, and it is very hard to be spotted, and mostly it only stay around the tree or rock.(80%) only sometimes walking around to find it’s new home. (20%)
    *Snack is small and only when you close enough(20pixels), may get a bite.
    *Snack bite will cause poison status!!! ( New things. >o< ) And the ranger will keep losing HP like disable soldier. Extract the ranger be bit as quick as possible.
    *New Item: antitoxic serum, is a new item can clear the ranger poison status.


    *Snake, haha. Good idea, but the ranger should have to be virtually stepping on the snake for the bite to happen. Otherwise the snake will just try to run away.
    If a snake is spotted with free-fire on then rangers can kill it. Also combat knife will neutralize the threat quickly.

    I don’t think the antitoxic kit should be included though since snakebites were actually pretty rare in the Vietnam War.


    How about the loading screen is replaced with the “Ride of the Valkyries” scene in Apocalypse Now


    Funnily there was some early art of different animals like elephants and snakes during Recons early dev (By our man Reid, me thinks). I even thought snakes were a thing in game my first few times playing Recon (Those damn, long squiggly plants hehe)Would be pretty sweet to see them slithering around, though perhaps equally as unnecessary as tigers or bison, eh? (Farcry series anyone?)

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