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    http://prntscr.com/n1zc9h so i finally after having him more than 2 years in this AO, have brought this ranger up to that rank that i think its the max one, an image of it doesn’t come in the wiki, but i think it would be the one saying “First sergeant”, so now what? i think that it would be nice having something to do with that ranger that would provide a HUGE bonus (a sergeant rank ranger already gives +25% merit when you get the memo saying they need one for the recondo school) and that in exchange it takes that ranger away, i dont know about you guys, but i dont like the idea of after all this grinding, just letting him sit there and waiting until inevitably one day a militiaman bursts out of a tree with a musket and kills him with a single shot in the chest ­čśŤ

    so…do you agree with what i said? any ideas of what to do with those?

    well…i came up with an idea, nothing special, just one more among the rest that will possibly be posted in the replies, how about replacing that rank with a 2nd Lt rank, when he gets there, you get a memo saying something, and he just goes away and is replaced by a low rank private, when you do that, that ranger doesn’t just sit waiting for the war to end, and instead, he makes his own chalk and is in some way under your command (makes sense since by that time you will quite possibly be at least Lt. colonel), and you can in some way use that, like asking for back-up by example, there would be a small chance that a team with his own randomly picked preset squad, would land and fight on your side and extract after some random time, i think kinda like the blues killcard, but re-usable, though there is a big chance it will not work, and if you have more of those under your command, the chance it will work will go up slightly, and as always, to prevent overuse, if you call for their help too often, you will get a memo that will cause you to lose merit

    kinda seems op, but i mean…how easy is it to get a ranger to 320 xp? :p or if thats not enough leave the 1st serg rank and instead add the 2nd Lt rank on top of it for 640…though i think he often will be dead before that XD


    If your rangers get into lots of firefights and kill lots of enemies, you’ll rank them up fairly quickly. It’s a risky way to rank up for sure, but among the more efficient ways if you aren’t concerned with heat or possibly losing men.

    I like your idea of being able to trade away your higher rank soldiers to other units for EXP or merit gain. You’d be giving up a tried and true man, but it could give you the merit you need stay for another tour. An interesting idea for sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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