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    I am rarley concerned about the enemy quick reaction force (QRF) other than avoiding the larger ones (regiment! Company) but how does the enemy QRF work? I understand the size (which is obvious) but I am unsure about the meaning of the QRF redcon – stand by, posturing etc etc?
    What is the approximate deployment time for each redcon level?
    When are they triggered?
    What route do they take when entering the map? Bird Dog says they come from the north, is that equal to grid 3A or can they arrive in any grid?
    Where do they go on the map?

    I’m interested in ambushing them if opportunity comes 🙂


    Guess others are busy elsewhere (hint DISCORD) to get their rear ends in gear over here.
    So then my fine young ranger commander. I will give it my known best in tips and tricks.

    how does the enemy QRF work?

    Every time you go Overt, this includes landing but excludes entering the AO on foot, there is a chance related to your heat score (high heat more chance) and a set of other unknown game factors to trigger the QRF.
    Usually they will come within the stated time but on no heat and starting rank they may never come.

    Note that the INTEL is to be taken as “what command BELIEVES may be true values” and not what the game will actually do.
    Usually the game will follow the given intel reports though.

    QRF redcon – stand by, posturing etc etc
    How fast they will arrive in the AO.
    Redcon means that they are sitting near by on standby since they are expecting you so as soon as you go Overt they will get going from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
    Stand-By takes a bit longer like some 5 minutes in game but the values can be totally off from the intel report.
    Posturing means that they are stationed far away and you should have 10 on more minutes till they come.
    Useful if you think that you can be out in that time.

    Would be great if anyone out there could verify my words here.
    Hope that this helps.
    Stay brutal and URB On!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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