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    The Pig

    I know for a fact that some people hate at least one mission in Recon with a burning fury, but I just want to know what missions are your least favorite or you just all out hate it.
    I hate BDA with a passion.

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    There are several missions that make this list, 1.) Report points of impact, just the sheer amount of time I spend patrolling the AO and on-top of that I am horrible at stealth but love to get kill cards so I always end up with a guy dying because I get caught off guard with Weapons Free off. 2.) Report NVA movement they either never show up or always somehow slip past me. 3.) defend fire base I actually love this one (the kill counts are insane) but I usually end up with a guy dead or wounded.

    Ill end with a quick question though. Are Flak Jackets worth it?


    Nice topic idea for discussion but the title was not so, so I changed it. 🙂
    First of = “Are Flak Jackets worth it?”
    I never equip them, ever. Just the idea of hiking through the jungle wearing that plastic hunk of false security is not.

    What mission I dislike? Top be Dead-Drop. Not because of the massive enemy force but because I have not found that dam box in ages. A waste of many playing hours.
    Firebase-Defense be next at higher difficulties.
    Defending the middle of that base is almost suicidal considering that you need at least one super man that stands right on spot (if not someone always sneaks by you) usually totally unprotected or worse has bad LOS in some directions.
    And the enemies get all the benefits of the base walls protection while charging in on you.
    And you can not use support calls.
    And it is usually not only a defense mission since a lot of the times you have to get rid of possible tough defenders first.
    And you can be dropped right on top of the FOB ( OVERT !! ) either getting shit on right then,
    and if that happens you have no time to set up any for of defense.
    And you need to find it first where along the way you can get into bad trouble too.
    And that’s all for now. 😉


    High level base defenses are definitely a no go for all the reasons listed above by Lance. Just the sheer fact that a single enemy soldier touching the table in the middle results in failure is enough to make me pass it. Definitely a mission type that could use a bit of reworking.

    Other missions that I don’t hate, but that can get on my nerves due to certain frustrations include POW (like BDA, they are very hard to spot [how the hell is a big ass hole in the ground hard to spot!?] and so it is easy to miss one and fail), hunting for the exposed wire for tapping (little to no room for error), and low heat hunter killer/recon missions (When you need to kill/ spot doods, but they are nowhere to be found).

    Dead drop can be a pain too and requires a high commander level, but at least that one tends to come with a warning on the tin telling you about it.


    I’m very terrible at the screening missions. It seems like no matter how far apart I stretch my men with proximity locators, somehow, some where, one very small enemy force would walk past my men and result in me failing. Even when I succeeded, it would be from pure dumb luck that I just so happened to randomly guess when the enemy reinforcement has appeared.

    I failed so much of those missions that I just refused to do them anymore.

    Unib Rovodkalan

    dead drop get through the defensive line and pows

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