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    Since urbz is the only the developer and there are too errors to fix so i think it is time we train some helper



    😕 You wrote “..are too errors to fix..” I am assuming you meant “..are too MANY errors to fix..” 😉 Not to be an ass or anything, but since we were pointing out failings/mistakes/errors and such like, I just thought I’d keep it fair.


    I also understand that although English is a globally used language, ‘Americanese‘ can be quite confusing and the way things are phrased can be the difference between Night-n-Day.
    Since I will also be assuming that you meant no insult or offense, I will be so brash as to suggest a ‘Different’ way to state what you said.
    Wow, Urbzz is the only one working on this?!? He must be fucking swamped! I’d love to help out in anyway I can, so please feel free to shoot me a message if I’m needed.”
    That way your Offering to Help, instead of Complaining about how much the game sucks or Insinuating that Urbzz is “Past-His-Prime” and can no longer ‘Make-the-Grade’ without back-up.
    ..and you weren’t doing that, right? Cause I’m not sure Urbanians would feel the same way…



    Oh! @mo-tah I can understanding your post!!! That is just incredible. lol

    XDDD I don’t think he really mean about that, actually I know everyone do have a feeling about help the Urb to code the stuff for sure. ( Just most of us can’t do more )

    But still, @rangerhelmet these game are Urbzz’s game. He didn’t open source it or create a big coding group like other game develop group. We come through the building day for so many years, and he is still doing very very well. >o<

    Maybe he did have some of men helping he to coding the game before, but still like Mo-Tah say, we are appreciate to see someone trying to help him, always. But yeah, we all don’t pay for play URB game ( You can read this ), so we need to keep polite here. With the respect to Urb( The Boss ), we will always ask his willing first. XD

    I don’t know if the game have too many error to fix, but as a Tester leader, I think we( The Development Team are doing well. XD ( As a part time work lol )

    Keep up good work man, and soon more awesome stuff will bring the MNB3 heat back. XD Almost for sure!! lol

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