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    1 mission and he was promoted to Major. Congratulations; your peers hate you. lol


    OKay, this is ridiculous.
    Took a break from this for a day or two to do some family D&D. Ended up making a new profile and starting on game 1.
    This is ludicrous.
    God I hate German snipers.

    That’s a really good start to the profile.
    Granted I still failed to get the gold ribbon.
    I was just three waves off due to crates.


    What had happened was a I forgot that I lost my radar. A V1 burned out 2 engies and 2 high exp gunners. (this time I had 3 bunkers and 3 gunners as opposed to the usual 2. Then my bunker with the last gunner and the signaller got busted. No need to rebuild the radar, right?
    Wave 245 – 90. Was a good run though. And like I mentioned earlier I collected a pilot.
    So now, ‘Pilot saved’ and ‘Frenchies promoted to officers’ are running a competition. lol


    I swear to god
    I’ve had to replace way more engineers due to flamers exploding.

    Been attempting to see if Wave 200 is possible in Game 1.
    But Direct Orders keeps screwing it up.
    Got 3/4 there before I had to spend my 20 TP on Engineers five waves in a row due to flamers constantly blowing up near or in the pillbox.

    The wave stat only shows logical waves.
    If I had physical waves, I’d be at 200+
    My goal is to try to shoot for the M1 Garand ribbon by Game 10.



    Previously Lance
    Any soldier with a gun that is semi or auto will switch targets (not always and it has to be possible to) IF the soldier has enough exp

    Noticed it with a NCO with the bar while doing Airborne Challenge.
    I used to believe that he would empty the mag on a dead soldier, but I guess that low exp soldiers.
    He had a Garand before, but he killed more than one soldiers before his clip finished. I guess it’s all about the exp.
    Trynna get the GW by doing Airborne, bur it’s not tooo easy. Did like 60+ Waves in my last game, but that’s not good enough…

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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