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Profile Rank game effect ideas.

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    Currently our profile rank determines a small part of the difficulty setting per game played going up as the rank goes up.
    Also the Signalers Opportunity Calls available per game goes up by 1 per profile rank.
    Now I will firstly try to gather previous ideas to this topic.

    Here a post from: A 2nd Lieutenant with a map and compass
    YOUR rank could affect your troops like: your signaller gets more pop-ups than usual and they happen faster, your mens weapons could jam less due to you getting more high quality weapons and ammo, your men start with more morale since they notice how fast youre climbing the ranks and think you know what youre doing

    Good ideas. Currently I could not find more on this topic but I know that there is more out there. Please repost found topic stuff here again.

    My current ideas:
    1) XP gains to rank gain is to fast. Needs to slow down to follow a more realistic path since by day 100 everyone will be a 2+star general or higher.
    It is fairly easy to become a Captain on a good first run.
    I am Colonel at day 40 already and I do not usually rack up kills like a butcher for points so others can gain rank a lot faster.
    Well I did not do the math right here so maybe urbzz already balanced this part out so that a 5 star general can barely be achieved by the end of the war.
    How do you all feel about this?

    2) Higher Soldier Stats to start with per rank; as mentioned by (*dude with a way to long of a profile name)
    A simple way be all new GIs get +1 of all stats and xp per rank. That would then be +5 at Colonel and +10 at 5 Star General.
    This would help tremendously at the start of a new game later in the campaign.
    Combined with buffing awards new GIs would be really good from the start.
    Question be; Should they lose all these perks when choosing a specialty or not?

    3) Cool-Down-Timers for Skills could also be reduced since at higher rank you have more supplies available.

    4) Idea taken from Recon rank=unlocks mechanic.
    If the Signaler perk Opportunity Calls gets changed to Opportunity Event (or similar name) and the now skills to call in support vehicles and troops (current Frenchy) then these could be more flexible according to the profile rank.

    EXAMPLE; At 2nd Lt your list of opportunities be something like this:
    Jeep (with own gunner an not OP), Sit Rep (*you send a runner or someone has a radio that just happened to be right there for only that event), Recon Flight.
    All these with long intervals that get shorter per rank gain.
    *1st Lt additionally a Recon Armored Car, Resistance Fighter
    *At Captain you also get Half-Track and Reinforcement GI
    *Mayor maybe a Stuart Tank ect
    *Lt. Colonel = Sherman Tank ect..
    *Colonel = Large Artillery Barrage (some 10 shells) as if a signaler call. ect..
    *1s General = A-26 bombing run = 4 Bomb Drops instead of 1.
    *2s General = Additional GI to start with = 7 instead of 6.
    *3s General = Total Air Superiority. For the rest of this game no enemy planes or V1s will come at you.
    *4s General = AI controlled 101st Squad Support Drop. 6 Airborne soldiers that land where you designate them to.
    *5s General = B24 carpet bombing run. Instant field win…..


    Or maybe get more deployment options and perks like in mnb2?

    Recon: Start with 6 commandos that have 15xp.

    Classic: You start only with 4 riflemen that have 30xp.

    Advancement Tactics (passive): A certain amount of xp is randomly distributed among your GIs, equal to 4x the amount of advances you made last deployment.

    Hasty Offence: Everyone starts with 10xp, but gets a random class.

    The Lone Ranger

    @Lance as far as the rank exp goes I`ve reached 1 star Gen. so far on DDAY+165 so I think that there might be a low chance[as you stated] of reaching Pisek while being a 4 star Gen..

    The Lone Ranger

    Maybe at a certain rank there could be a increased chance of the M1 Garand going to a rookie like how how some of the ribbons already do since the current % is quite low.


    Deployment Options unlocks with rank gains as in MNB2 would be cool.
    We had a topic thread just for this back at the old black site when the idea of mnb3 became something solid.
    Since feedback here is low we might as well brainstorm this here too.

    Like your ideas Sir Vipilius. A bit of thought to those.
    Recon: Start with 6 commandos that have 15xp.
    Recon is not a fitting name. Special Operations seams more classic and it should be 4 men to start with since currently you can call in Frechies to fill up the gap.

    101st Airborne = Dangerous since men can get hurt (not as bad as in mnb2) from trees and you will land anywhere from the start line to 1/3rd up in the field. Beware of mines and wire.
    To compensate you get 6 men (grunts) with 50xp right of the bat.

    Armored Assault = Start with a tank, could be any allied type. This is for General profile ranks.

    The Lone Ranger

    So far these a pretty good ideas


    Here a different approach to Profile Rank effects on the game.
    You should not start the game with basic GIs and then morph them into a special unit but rather have a random rooster of soldiers (each time you deploy) to chose from that increases the number of men with rank as well as the really “special” units available.
    2nd LT = 4 Riflemen
    1st LT = 4 Riflemen + 1 random other specialty.
    Captain = 4 Riflemen + 2 random special soldiers.
    Also . . . .
    The weapon trees need some rearrangements and improvements.
    Mostly all upgrade trees should be a lot bigger to allow for more possibilities.


    If the troops involved in your push are supposed to be ‘volunteers’ from other parts of the division, I like the idea of starting off with a random assortment of guys, who could even have random ranks as well with enough ribbons or rank under your belt. It would be interesting if some profile ranks also included the opportunity to either re-roll a soldier (grunt or specialty) for another random one or you could fore go that and choose to give a soldier a rank up instead.

    Good suggestion, Lance!


    Towards profile ranking up.
    I feel that the player ranks up to fast here. Sure going from 2nd LT to 1st LT should be relative fast considering how it was back then but after that it should drastically slow down.
    Especially once you are a Major it should take considerable longer to make more rank then right now where you can easily be a Lt.Colonel around St.Lo only some 20+ days (from 300) into the game.
    Maybe it be better to rank up according to how many days the game is in and based on certain achievements.
    This could be a bit random too.
    EX: On Day 5+ the game checks to see how many enemies you have killed. Divides that by 100 to get a % chance to make rank. +5% per day ahead you are and -5% per day behind. + 2% per medal that you have. minus 1% per soldier that has died on your current rank.
    Each additional day over 5 on schedule will give you + 5% on each starting game/ making rank check.
    So on day 25on time you will automatically make 1st LT regardless of any other factors but I would assess that by day 10 rank should be made.
    For every additional rank the requirements should be somewhat doubled over the previous rank.
    I have not made the calculations on this but for the player the game should end with day 300 having anything from 1 star general rank to 5 star general rank.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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