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    Hey Guys,

    my kills made by air strikes don´t get counted, I called in over 300 air strikes and definitely killed enemys but the message: “your airforce killed 0 enemys so far” says something different and I don´t get the air command ribbon.

    what can I do?

    I don´t want to create a new profile of course


    In my experience, I have four comment to deal with this. You can try with these three.

    1. Kill German with CAS about 50 + in one mission. ( One mission is a point. ) And if not get the ribbon, immediately try another game. You may have chance get your ribbon when next game start. ( As it is bug now )

    2. Continue your MNB2 journey, maybe one day the ribbon will back for some reason.

    3. Find a file name as “mnb21.sol” and send it to my email account, I can help you to fix this bug with some equipment and bring your save file back to normal status which with ribbon. Of course, I can not fix the Air Strike count even I can bring your ribbon back.

    If you wish to do with this method, PM me please.

    4. Restart a new profile. I would say that restart a new profile is very common for most of MNB2 player as some ribbon are not that easy to take and have mission number limited. like Paratrooper ribbon, Victoria Ribbon….etc! Start a new profile is not a bad things actually.

    Hope these can help you.


    I have the exact same problem, i will now try your first tip Arise


    first tip didnt work for me, definitely got over 50 cas kills in 1 match

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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