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    Have a moment where you get URBed hard? Post ’em here! I’ll start off with my second round Flak 38…

    Flak 38

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    Classic topic. :))
    Bit of a …ÀÀÀÀ… slim post with not much text to the topic, pics or vids.
    _____ Well I had similar.

    Random deploys are my favorites. In the first waves things did not go so well with some good men dying.
    Before I got enough TP together to get another Engineer and build a bunker a Flack 38 came along and wrecked havoc on my men.
    You’d say; it got the Frenchy and some other guy so what; but that Frenchy was my best man with Ranger Training and a BAR. πŸ™



    Since I can’t edit it, this should have fixed the picture.

    And, yea. On my old MnB2 profile, I managed to get my Frenchy to max rank and 100 waves. I don’t remember the tactic exactly… It was to have the Frenchy way at the front, then a officer behind him, with a medic behind him… Something along those lines. Fun little challenge.

    The Flak38 always wreck parties man, always.


    New profile run – 200+ waves

    Had a lot of luck with my starting guys, 2 who were already able to shoot in right direction πŸ™‚

    Think I messed up with recording about wave 150 or so, did not unpause. Bunkers, trenches and co is exactly same at end (206 or so), but does not really mattter if you dont believe it is same run – the hardest is from 100 to come to 150 with a solid squad in place, I also have to apologize for pausing often – sometimes I forgot to pause video record, sometimes I needed my time to think πŸ˜‰


    Was not my first try for a high-lvl game on new profile – Seventh or Eighth! so dont be discouraged if it does not work out for you. BTW my first run lol was way more lucky, had a much better squad in place at round 90 or so, but one bomb…and URBED


    one last “edit” – all strategies used are mostly copied from forum posts, wiki posts… – for development of used strategies only other players can be credited for – not really introduced anything special new; quite a noob here πŸ˜‰


    Noob my ass!!!! πŸ™‚
    You have actually beaten my best 1st game in the new patch of all time there by 1-2 waves.
    Now that’s what I call one hell of a ridiculous achievement.
    Good game recording despite the lag and pauses.
    Lots of fun scenes to watch.
    – Notice how that Frenchy almost killed himself in the barbwire on the bottom before getting out some felt 40 waves later.
    – In that V1 Blitz there where actually only 2 V1s that came down and none hurt your men.
    – Very nice set up…reminds me of a few good plays I had long ago. πŸ˜‰
    – Enemy Assault Pioneers do love to give you free TNT by the Pillbox.
    – Lucked out a few times vs Flamers. Usually men light up in one shot when inside a pillbox or bunker.

    I think you misplaced this since it is the opposite of what this topic stands for.
    Once we have a place for Glorious Achievements I could move your post there?
    Should I make such a place and move it or is it good to stay here?

    Finally I salute you to that outstanding play.


    Yes, think once a thread for videos is started, it would fit better there.

    About the frenchy in barbwire – I was laughing ages about him, I already thought I will loose him. I normally donΒ΄t use barbwire, but thought I give it a try vs bottomburghers. Thinking about it, if my soldier is loosing a battle with a barbwire – he should give me back his gun, friendly fire is on πŸ˜‰

    Yes flamers are a risk with the front pillbox, especially if they spawn in the middle. Especially in later waves, when I am not concentrated enough on game to watch them.

    For free TNT I am mostly too stupid or lazy, I cannot remember if I have some free left. Should use them at once always, but always the greedy saver..


    Lance told me yesterday about 1-2 waves better new profile game record, today could better my own record for 2 waves more – not the biggest step for mankind, but damn I fought hard for it xD will load the video in next days, this time should be full video without pauses on new profile for 208

    LG Joker


    and here the link:


    If it is feasible you can cut down the game video to include only key scenes.
    See a full recording of a long MNB2 game can easily go over 3 hours and that is even for me a bit long and time consuming to enjoy.
    In mnb games that is hard to do save by recon where most of the game is usually sneaking around.
    On the note of Most Waves Ever on a first game/ new profile in MNB2 ver 2.3g I believe our old master player,tester game breaker, Brutalized made a whopping 530 some waves.
    He said that the game crashed on him at that point ad the recording got bugged by that too but I believed him.
    Here another fun fact. When the latest patch hit Kongregate people there where bitching 900% more the usually of the impossibility to get far in the game.
    I then posted but a game pic of my 203 wave first game stats page. Got -28 down votes in under 24 hours with no comments to it. Mission Accomplished πŸ™‚


    I posted that to late.
    Good field choice. The Rock on the bottom right could be handy.
    Luck is indeed with you. Parking most men in the open up top so long without anything bad happening to them is like rolling 20s all the time.
    Mortar blowing bunker is rare indeed. Usually happens when I use Mortars. πŸ™‚
    LOL scene; When that burning dude ran slightly past your placed mine and into the bunker.
    Easy Blitzes?? You my friend simply lucked out that them Pars decided to let you off easy.
    *skipping my way through some 2 hours*
    True that more ponds would be real nice. After all they are the only things aside mines that can stop burning men.
    Panzerschrecked Bunker and then a 222….man you got lucky there.
    *skip, skip, skipididuda*
    222 on the bottom line. Dun, dun, dun, daaaaa See that half dead low life Siggy play dead on the pile of officered corpses in the newly opened mausoleum.
    Whup, did not “play” for long. Enemy is mapping things up now.
    Notice your last -360hp sniper from that assault pioneer with his SMG at long range.
    Well stay used to that cause in MNB3 they are currently just as bad.
    Ich salutiere ihnen!!!
    Interestingly I found that you could still improve on your basic gameplay like leaving any Flack alone because they can not hurt your bunker but cause massive FF.
    You could have squeezed out a few more waves with using them remaining TP.
    This MNB2 game recording shall be held in high honor to all Urbanians.
    Keep up the awesome work!


    Thank you! It is really great help that you invest that much time to watch the video, small strategy (and other) tips are invalueable to improve my gameplay.
    To leave Flak alone is an very interesting strategy, will for sure try it in my next game. I may be bold sometimes and hoping to get lucky, but so far I was chicken about Flak.

    I remember that par blitz, yeah needed very long to kill them, got lucky there. The combination of 5+ gunners and a minefield as my “normal” setup tempts me to dismiss them too easily.

    I am either too stupid or too lazy for game prolonging mining. Seen it on video, but it is still a miracle for me πŸ™‚ 500++ waves on new profile – WOW! Salut to Brutalized! And ty also, think I got some invalueable tips from his strategy guides.

    I really need to point out “highlights” to watch in a video, thank you Lance for the tip!

    Target for next game: DonΒ΄t mess up with snipers again and bring personal best to 210, or experience some great way to get urbed early


    Can a forum admin start some MnB2 threads? –> strategy for newcomers, advanced strategy discussion, walkthroughs and videos.. – I am either too stupid or donΒ΄t have the power to start a thread πŸ˜‰
    LG Joker


    Anyone can open a thread as far as I know.
    You must give the thread a proper title.
    I opened one for you.

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