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Polarfuchs' Tested Method for the Silent Ops Ribbon

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    There are 2 ways to achieve this ribbon, the easy way (using a covert insert or one of the mission that has a insertion by foot), and the hard way (Using a mission such as Recce/Recon, or Hunter/Killer, though the latter is not recommended. The easy way is simple, from the bottom insertion point move you men to the edge and use the same tactic as the Jungle warfare ribbon. Then only enter the LZ when the helicopter ahs landed and make sure to use smoke. If you ever here the words “contact” or “hostile” quickly press the H key to halt the men.
    The hard way can usually be as easy but with the increased chance of enemy assets in the area. Trenches and Defensive positions can really mess up your day if you are not paying attention. My recommended gear loads are, Member 1: M-16/Assault Rifle, Combat Knife, IV, Camera, Grenade (for when shit gets real). Member 2: M-16/Assault Rifle IV*2, Radio Battery (if your radio guy cant get under that 25 bulk level), Smoke (for LZ), Member 3: Light Weapon (Shotgun, M3, Carl Gustav, ETC) Smoke*2 or regular grenade*2 (your preference, although I find the nades useful if the mission goes south) GMS (For night time resting if you do that, or if you hear voices) Member 4: Radio (Obviously) Very Light Weapon (M1, M3) Very light Gear (Bandages, Morphine, Cameras, GMS) MAKE SURE ALL MEMBERS HAVE BULK OF UNDER 25! Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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