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    You can expect me to post here every 1-3 weeks with some new guides, the reason this is in the “new commanders” section is because these are guides, and will start from the basics!
    You can expect the first entry by Monday (I have a long weekend!)
    Best of Luck,
    I might take all of this and put it into one big article later on for ease of reading, at least, depending on feedback!


    Entry 1: The Basics

    Part 1: Superiority of Fire

    Infantry combat is a very complicated mess of cover and tactical decisions, but for now we’ll cover the most important part in deciding which side will lose, who has the most bullets flying at their enemy. Superiority of fire dictates that whoever can lay down the most fire will have a tactical advantage due to their higher ability to suppress the targets. The way to determine superiority of fire is to find X/kg mass of ammunition or X amount of ammunition going downrange per minute. For an example 890 total rpm. Calculating weight is more complicated and requires going in depth for each weapon, while finding rounds per minute is much easier, (at least when the new wiki is up) as you can see rate of fire for every weapon, and calculate form there.

    Part 2: Fire and Movement

    If you have superiority of fire with a considerable margin you can engage with a fire and movement pattern. This simply means moving one or two of your men forwards while the rest keep firing on the target. This is best used against enemies hiding behind trees, or other light cover, such as sandbags. While this may seem counter-productive to have less guns firing on the enemy, you will be moving forwards and making your weapons more effective.

    This concludes entry one to the Tactics guide!
    Good Luck in the Field,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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