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Paratrooper improvement

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    Since i get 4 paratrooper with random weapons for a cost of 12TP,i would like to increase their speed to be fast as spec ops.Plus the paratrooper should have ability to
    be armed with a random item


    Sounds interesting, however, there are few thing have to be mention here.

    *Speed, nope! Random Item, I don’t know if the MNB2 have item meaning??? Not sure what you mean here.

    12TP for Paratrooper mean more:

    *1 Paratrooper cost 3 TP
    *They have basic roll to be better then normal soldier( cost 3 TP too!), with higher morale and rifle average.
    *They have different weapon from shotgun, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand to Tommy Gun. means they have average 2 TP weapon upgrade on them. ( (1+2+2+3)/4 = 2 )
    *They can build special construct and set 2 special equipment. 4 TP for Big Sand Wall, 2 TP for Sticky Bomb, 2 TP for healing Kit.

    They just need 12 to operate which may not be easy to store, but it is more then what it cost. They are just better then 4 Soldiers or even 6 soldiers. >o<

    So I can’t find any reason why we need the speed boost on Paratrooper.

    Personal View.. XD

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    Items may be:A special standard knife and rifle grenade,first aid-the random stuffs i requested earlier


    XD Nope, that will be too many. Those setting won’t be balance so it will not happened.

    URB game will not give player any awesome killing stuff without cost, the resource will always been limited here. You need to find TP to upgrade them, and this is up to your skill. XD

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by Arise.

    Don’t you really think that’s too much?
    The Spec-ops cost 5TP and they bring extra speed, melee, no retreat, grenade and greesegun.
    You want a 12 TP (barely over twice the price) to drop FOUR of such badasses?
    No, that would be just broken.

    Airborne already have better stats and start with random weapons, plus they can use medkits and stick bombs, which already makes them so much better than standard GIs who you get for the same price of 3TP each.

    The balancing factors of Airborne is that they require Signalcaller, need to be called in all at once and can die from landing on trees.

    But overall, I do not believe the paratroopers need any change. They are good as they are.


    Then i would simply ask for a speed boost for 2 TP.Is that ok?


    Speed Boost for 2 TP, well. Can’t tell. XDDD

    However, speed boost seems a very interesting upgrade for all infantry unit. For getting crate and change the position. If goes for real game setting I will like with this:

    Physical Training

    *Cost 3 TP, no require.
    *Increase target soldiers moving speed for 20%.
    *Each man only can get this training once. ( Important, although I don’t know will this be hard to code or not )
    *After use this 100 times, you will get a ribbon with effect ” Now you have 1 free Physical Training for each mission “.

    This one will be suit for small squad infantry tactic. ww

    Especially my Engineer challenge. XDDD


    Oh and i just thought of an idea.Can we change the bayonet(2TP) for the brass knuckler(1TP)?.If that is a historic equipment

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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