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    Here is my list for what I think is the best MnB Recon loadout for medium-high heat and non-stealth missions. Tell me what you all think is the best loudout for med-high heat missions. I’d love some additional ideas.

    (Heavy hitter, mandatory for overt attack and defense missions)

    (Decent range/damage combo and rate of fire. Slight edge over the Sten)

    FN FAL, Stoner 63, M14, or HK33
    (Badly needed range/firepower combo against sharpshooters and ranged enemies)

    BAR or RPD
    (BAR is ideal for a heavy hitting range/damage combo. RPD is overall inferior, but has a higher suppression potential and is deadly at close range)


    I am surprise that you don’t discuss with all loadout but simply just with the gun, well I have some point:

    1. Personal I will not suggest Thompson, as it will require frequently reload during the combat. That will create a weak point on your firing power.

    2. For the high firing rate weapon(7+) seems not good to be use in the mid or high heat mission, as it run out bullet too quickly. Don’t always put the faith on your supply drop, as it is very dangerous when facing QRF. Ammo box seems is a option but it is very heavy. So personally I will not suggest Thompson and RPD as they only have 180 and 200 rounds. so it will turning red after a combat about 20+ VC.

    3. I like to add Stoner LMG as it have common effective range and damage, firing rate(6) also with 300 round but just 12 bulks. I use this for my combat guy as a standard weapon in the team. In my game, it work very well and never run out the bullets. XD

    4. Other seems all a good option, just BAR have ammo problem so maybe carry a ammo box for it.

    5. G3 is another good option, it can be choice with the FN-FAL.

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    I like the M14 for that long range edge, as well as the M60 for good firepower at any range.

    Rest of my guys will have a combination of hard-hitting rifles like the FAL, BAR, and G3.

    I typically will not use the HK33 or the Stoner rifle/LMG except for lower heat encounters, since they lack the firepower of the above. However they are still very good weapons for any situation, especially lighter ones.

    The Thompson is easily one of the most devastating killers in short range but like Arise said it is short on ammunition. I like using it in the Firebase Attack mission though where you quickly strike and get out (or, at least that’s how I do it).

    For the Firebase Defend/Attack missions I also try to pack a M16/M203 since sometimes there will be large groups of enemies that can catch your team off guard if you don’t quickly disperse them. Grenades are handy for this but for long range the M203 has no equal.

    Mexican Batman

    I usually use the grease gun on the radioman
    I use the Fal on my spotter
    I use the stoner lmg on the engineer and the medic
    that’s my optimum medium heat load out and it usually give about 25 bulk

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