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    Since this new place been up nobody bothered to make OFV game suggestions here.
    Some of the past and fro the Discord Channel where;
    Clunked terrain so that crossing one kind can not be so easily evaded.
    More Villages.
    More “neutral” places to occupy like bridges, airfields, roads or rivers.
    Better and faster supply lines. Game should start with much more supplies.
    More ways to gain supplies like by building a landing strip or building a road.
    FOB should have a minimum of own defensive firing power and provide rock-terrain like cover.
    Most building upgrades should be part of the FOB like the Antenna or Radar.
    The FOB itself should be upgradeable with guns, cannons, HP and defenses. Also make it bigger in sprite size.

    For game mechanics. A Merit BAR on top that goes up and down according to how many men you lose (down) to enemy killed (up).
    The higher the bar to win the more likely to get a bonus in supplies or other special (good) event like a B52 raid on Generals order to the location you want.

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