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    Single player version or in case nobody wants to play the enemy side:
    Take one card-board or sheet that is 20 by 20 squares, squared. Squares just need to be large enough to have room for some sort of small figure.
    No staking of figures needed since there will be only one figure per space.

    2 side player version: If someone wants to play the enemy then use another card/sheet of the same configuration. Make some sort of optical barrier so that the other player(s) can not see it.
    This one will be handled secretly by the enemy commander.

    For positioning of starting enemies and structures one simply throws the good old D20 twice.
    OR the enemy player positions them as they please.
    Random placement would however greatly increase the tactical game play value.
    How many units the enemy starts with and/ or receives as reinforcements as well as the US troop reinforcements needs testing.
    For starters the 2nd FOB’s game values could be used.
    This would give the enemy 4 VC squads to start with.
    Structures. 2 Tunnels with low spawning chance, 2 minefields, 6 Soldier Traps, 1 AT gun, 1 AAA, 1 Bunker.

    The FOB is placed somewhere in 10 -11 up and down or wherever on the whole game field the players decide that it should go. Or randomly between 5-15 up/down.
    No enemy unit starts within 2 spaces from the FOB.


    Revision to units. Instead of some figures use chips or self made card board squares the size of a game square.
    1) So that stacking could be possible if that is ever needed.
    2) The other side is needed to symbolize if a units is damaged. This will give all units 2 health indications.
    All units have a combat strength. Usually only into the next square. Some units have a min range like Mortar or Artillery/ Rocket up to a max range of fields away.
    This goes from 1 to 20. Similar to ATT in STWALT.
    A defensive value is not needed. There will only be one roll per attack sequence per target.
    Double damage or critical is possible instantly killing a unit. Also doing no damage is possible. Some units have only 1 hit capability meaning a hit is an instant kill.
    Units have movement points. If roads are in then soldiers move +1 and vehicles +3.
    Units can be healed/fixed from undermanned/damaged back to full strength.

    A separate chart for review of these values needs to be handy.

    Enemy Unit Values if player controlled; Combat, Range of engagement, Movement points, Spotting Range, Special.
    VC = C-ombat 4 , R-ange 1 , M-ove 4 ,S-potting 14
    NVA = C6 ,R1 ,M3 ,S12
    Demolition Commandos (Sappers) = C8 on first attack then C3 ,R1 ,M2 ,S16, No AA, One Hp
    Snipers = C8 vs Soldiers; C2 VS all else, R2, M3, S17. One HP, No AA.
    Mortars = C5, R2-4, M2, S14 One HP, No AA
    Light Vehicles = C7, R2, M4, S8
    Light Tanks = C10 ,R2, M3, S6


    US units

    Marines = C8, R1, M2, S7
    Engineers = C5 ; C10 vs structures, R1, M2, S9 Can built structures outside the FOB.
    Recon = C9, R1, M3, S15, Only 1 HP.
    APC = C6, R1, M4, S6, Can carry one soldier unit.
    Tank = C13 2x damage on 1-2, R2, M3, S3
    *AIR units must go directly (strait line) to the FOB after 2 turns or after 2 rounds of combat.
    Huey = C7, R2, M8, S10, Can carry one soldier unit. Can not attack during boarding and pick-up.
    When in FOB, boarding or when under 1 space away from an enemy unit then can get fired on by that unit.
    Cobra = C16 x2 damage on 1-3, R2, M9, S6 In FOB will take damage from any enemy unit.
    Bird-Dog = C2, R1, M7, S14 Only one HP, in FOB “.

    The Forward Observation Base has a starting HP of 20. This can be increased by spending supplies on improving the base structure.
    If your FOB has less then 10 HP then you MUST spend supplies on it until it has at least 10 HP.
    Damages, repairs, improvements and upgrade structures will be written on a separate sheet.
    The FOB is the only placeable that needs a separate sheet to follow the HPs and list Upgrades.

    FOB Upgrades: Only ONE upgrade per turn and game (FOB) is possible. If destroyed can be built again.
    *Structure Improvements = +1HP to the FOB, max 1 HP per turn. Cost 20 Supplies.
    *Medical Center = Healing soldiers costs -1 supplies. Cost 5 Supplies. Chance to get destroyed.
    *Repair Station = Vehicles cost -2 supplies to repair. Cost 15 Supplies. Chance to get destroyed.
    *Outer Defenses = Attacker gets a -1 modifier to doing damage to the FOB or on units therein. Cost 12 supplies.
    *Artillery Battery = C12, R2-3, Has 3 HP, Costs 20 Supplies
    *Tactical Information Station (Radar n stuff) = Every turn roll d20x2 to find the square in the AO and then reveal all enemy units and structures up to 3 squares away (burst). Cost 18 Supplies. Chance to get destroyed.

    # Support Calls #

    *Fast Air = One time C15. No attack on Traps. Cost 2 Supplies.
    *B52 run = One time burst1 damage to a square. Every unit there rolls vs C8 2times. Cost 20 Supplies.


    Structures in the AO. These can not be build inside the FOB or any other structure. No stacking of Structures and/or Units. One unit can be placed on one structure square. The FOB has 4 spaces for units.

    US Structure;
    Engineers can spend Supplies to build these. Some Structures are manned and thus have a combat value to defend itself with.

    *Observation Station = C3, R1, S12 at range 3. Cost 3 Supplies. Only has one HP so any hit will destroy this totally.
    *Defensive Position = Reduces enemies attack values by one. Cost 4 Supplies. Has 2 HP. Gets also hit by a roll of 1-3.

    Enemy Structures; Can be built and repaired by any enemy unit. For player controlled Enemy the mechanic is not made up so far.
    Otherwise use the Enemy Actions Chart for details.

    *Traps (This includes anything from anti-vehicle to anti-personal) = C5 every-time an enemy ground unit enters this structure.
    Gets removed through a roll of 1-3, 1-10 when an Engineer Unit makes the roll. One roll per unit per round that is adjacent to the Trap. +6 to the roll for a unit inside the Trap after the hit roll for the trap is made.
    *Bunker = C8, R1, S5 Enemy Unit on this gets -3 to US attack rolls.
    *Battery Emplacement (Air and Ground) = C14, R2, S11
    *Rocket Emplacement = C6 only vs structures and their content units, R3-8, Has no defense and gets destroyed immediately upon an attack. One Attack per round.
    *Weapons Cage = All enemy units and structures get a +1 to attack if within 2 fields. No Defense and one HP.
    *Bin Tram = Heals and/or Repairs enemy units if on or next to this. Roll per unit. 1-5 gets healed or repaired per turn. One HP. No Combat. Spot 9.
    *Tunnels = No personnel, One HP. Hit needed. One try per attacking unit. Air units may not attack this.
    Spawn and retreat points for enemy soldiers. See Enemy-Spawn-Table.
    Enemy soldier units that move onto such a Tunnel give attacking units a -1 to combat.
    Enemy soldier units can also move between Tunnels. If they do so then they may not engage in combat but can get attacked once by any US unit in range.
    Only one unit per round per Entering-Tunnel. The Exiting-Tunnel must be free of any unit since stacking is not allowed. Soldier Units may swap places in tunnels once during the turn.
    The unit that moves through a tunnel may not do anything else during that turn.
    The range of this transferring form Tunnel-to-Tunnel is 5 squares from each other.

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