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    The Offizier will provide an accuracy and morale bonus to nearby troops. Under his presence, German troops will be much less likely to retreat or fallback. Of course, this will also mean letting the Germans be affected by morale as well (just as US troops do currently). In addition to his lugar sidearm, the Offizier has a powerful binocular, with which he can spot your troops from a long distance away. Should the Offizier be wounded (not dead!), Allied troops may capture him, providing an additional radio call (e.g. crate drop, reinforcement, recon run).

    On rare occasions, an Offizier may be found in a Kubelwagen, driving across a road.

    Why the Offizier? I believe this unit would complement certain skillsets in the game, most notably the assassinate target ability of the marksman. An Offizier by himself is of limited threat, but he is a force multiplier when in the presence of other German soldiers.


    Good stuff my friend! Although not implementable currently this sounds like a great idea in the future (maybe even the near future!). A capturing mechanic would be hard to implement though, but urb could take the same pilot capture mechanic. The Offizer would appear in the mechanized (mortorized) infantry with a 50% chance, he would replace a rifleman, a 25% chance of being added to the squad to add to the total, and a 25% chance of not appearing at all. When reinforcements are called there is a 15% chance he will appear. In my opinion the officer should have a chance of spawning with any weapon but the MG-42 LMG.
    Best of wishes,


    Capturing mechanics is a tough topic. There is maybe a way to implement this but just to include the recon method would be not dynamic enough I feel for mnb3. Catch a guy wait around or.. catch a guy and zoom off he goes to the side for extra points maybe.. There’s a way I’m sure but we are not there yet.

    Although I really dig different classes for the Germans. The officer can have the bino which is awesome. Can also call reinforcement which will roll in from the sides. He will always stand a little back from the front lines.


    This unit would be a great addition to the game.
    Staying in the back is a good AI implementation as to be of use to the enemy troops, before getting bagged anyways.
    I can already hear him bark orders at his men “Feuer erwidern!” or “Aufstehen und weiter kämpfen!” or “Feiglinge werden erschossen” or “Reist ihnen den Arsch auf!” or “Wartet hier während ich Hilfe hole!”

    He will keep his distance to the front and only return fire with one of these; Pistol, MP 40, STG44 or G43 (carbine) but he will have a bit of lower Combat then the soldiers around him.

    His “buffs” could be the same as our current officer buffs by simply raising the combat of all enemy units within 300 pix of him by 5% every 10 seconds on average.
    Makes a lot more sense for him then for us who are suppose to advance aggressively.

    His “skills” could be different for the regular enemy soldiers.
    1) Call support = Single shot Artillery not using a Flare but simply ordering it in and it could include an air raid like CAS or Bomb-Drop or any other support type like Mortars.
    OR His presence simply heightens the chance for enemy soldiers to use their “skills” by some 10 or 20%.
    2) Call Reinforcements = Could be any unit force available in the AI list.
    3) Order a full charge = Every nearby soldier including himself advances to CQC range (300-100pix) on your men or at least the top most man.
    Enemy soldiers stop randomly at these distances (100-300pix away) so that the attack is effective and not so that they all end up in a line to get mowed down themselves.


    Huh…cool idea. The German officer should also have an ability exactly similar to the “focus fire” command from Mud and Blood 2. And the AI of the German officer should use it on what it decides to be the most dangerous members of your squad 🙂

    However, the ability should have decreased lethality, but INCREASED suppressive ability…and it should have relatively fast cool down, so that the enemy officer can be ANNOYING/DEADLY by pinning a great portion of your squad, and for a greater period than normal (when compared to german infantry shooting without assistance from officer)

    Because after all, the whole point of an officer is to most effectively direct fire

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