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    night time action, with flashlights attached to weapons, night-mode
    where everything is dark and you cant see the enemy, only hear them.

    and have the option to send off/back a soldier to execute germans who crossed your lines

    ribbon suggestion:

    get to wave 100 without any enemies get through your line of defense

    have 5 succesful sabotage operations

    medal for lots of ground gained (25 pages/advances/terrains)

    kill 33 enemey officers

    kill 100 brandenburg unit members

    easter bunny medal, drop 50 airborne soldiers in one mission…


    Welcome to the Forums! Been ages since someone made good suggestions here.
    That’s a mighty old topic from way back. If I recall correctly we decided that it be a to far fetched idea to have a nigh time MnB2 since actual nighttime infantry fighting was left to specialists back then.
    However it could be possible for sure. With Flares, search-lights and other methods it would make an interesting spinoff.
    Germans would have the upper hand in rifle firing with the Vampier G43 but the US also had lot’s of technical night fighting goodies as well.

    Ribbons . .. yaaaa!!!! Love those.
    “wave 100 without flankers” Yes, good one. Reward?
    “5 succesful sabotage operations” Finally a reason to do those. Reward?
    Killing specific enemy units/ soldiers seams silly since then there could be one for every single type.
    Dropping 50 Airborne seams to be only good just for the medal since in a tactical sense they hardly ever get used.
    How about a ribbon for getting 10 airborne to officer rank. Small reward.


    these are just some thoughts i wanted to put out there


    Community generated Brainstorming is what made/ makes these games great. 😉
    Keep ’em coming! 🙂


    100 Waves without flankers
    reward: your officers have 10% higher chance of removing a flanker

    advance 25 times in one game
    reward: next advances have 1% chance to reward 2TP instead of 1.

    Drop a total of 250 paratroopers:
    reward: All airborne have 3% higher morale and 3% better rifle skill.

    Just few off the top of the hat.


    5 successful sabotage ops is a bit of a feat (10 would be even more challenging, with adequate payoff), especially given that few folks bother with them.

    Completion could yield a ribbon granting a higher success chance or that halves the cost (or a chance of the operation being free, regardless of success)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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