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    Actually we do not need separate forums for Flagshipped or the old Urban Slug.
    First is on ice till further notice, only minimal playable and had very low traffic since its creation.
    Second may be nice for a few kicks now and then but is ancient. The download is a big upgrade from what is at Newsgrounds but still not interesting enough for it’s own forum.
    Unless urbzz sees it differently I would say to give each a topic thread in the General Forum and leave them there for now.
    I would however like to see Play Links for them and any other playable urbzz game not already in the Play URB Games link list.
    This would broaden the players game interests that come here.


    If so, then simply post in the side project forum with specific name as what we do in previous forum? I guess this may be reasonable. Will do!

    And yes the game link is not complete yet, should be added.


    Here go with another sub forum we should add, the Briefing Room!

    As this is the MOD show time so I will just simply put back the forum rule here to let the MOD be much easy to go the rule construct.

    Please continuous the job here. for all Top!


    I find that placing site rules here as totally obsolete.
    Remember we want to keep this place sleek and clean and not have forums ans sub forums with no actual input.
    Forums are nothing new and it is common sense to behave or get blasted.
    Nobody really behaved badly since the last few years and if they did do then some rules somewhere did not stop them.
    If someone or some account needs to be removed then urbzz will just do it. Case closed.
    Furthermore, strick forum rules can be the counterproductive and cause mini-modding.
    I fully trust in the Urbanians here to be good fellas as always.

    What we need here are a few more reliable Moderators to cover the times of day and that’s all.
    Yes, I am in charge of such promotions and will do so soon.

    Site discussion;
    I find it tedious to look up new content. Replies to shouts are very hard to track down unless I view everything at all times.
    Hard to track what is actually new considering all the possible places to reply to.
    Should things like Changed Profiles, Friendships and such personal stuff not show?
    What else could go and what functions would be good to have?


    @lance I agree fully. Had a similar problem in the second website (the one between the first and Chilly’s webbie) where it wasn’t always clear what was new. Mostly used the time stamp on the latest message in a topic to gauge, but it’s kinda tedious. Maybe a little symbol or something would be good for new messages or the topic with the latest post gets sent to the top. Just an idea.


    I encounter with this problem when I want to use notification to go to activity comment.

    Guess someone know what happened.


    Yep I am getting this same thing when I make forum posts, I actually thought it wasn’t posting and so I spammed up the MnB3 videos thread by accident.


    Should be working now. The site just go full lock down if the core files gets modified now.


    The Drop Down list for Forums need to include General Forums due to people not knowing that they need to simply hit the name Forums to get there.
    Some already reported to me that they did not know how to go there or that we even had a non-game forum.


    This seems like the right place; clicking play URB games takes you to a wordpress sample page.


    As the same question come over and over again, so I simply suggest here.

    *Can we create a overview page like old MNB HQ (Before I get in and now it is no longer use)? It is a page that user have to click to get in here. After create that, we can post some rule or clam even the important notice on there.

    *Or, like what @Kacpo say, create a thread on the top of all thread, and only can be edit for MOD. To release the important information, forum rule, activity imformation…etc. Just like our SBT thread.

    I am feel very tired about continuous answer the same boring question too, even there are some MOD are much tired then me. =_=

    Hope this way can fix the problem, at least next time we can ask someone to read the MNB News thread before he doing anything.


    Is this possible to have a function to require new registry member been check before they can post anything? otherwise those annoying thing continuous bother the community and increase the Mod work. =_=

    That is bad!

    Just a suggestion if this will not be too difficult to add, as now it still be very rare.


    And here we have spammers again. One idea that would help.
    To crack down on one thing that I feel is not needed is the createability by every member to make a new group.
    How about a new Group can only be created by urbzz himself or a Moderator.
    The past has shown that as long as the forums work well (loading time) that Groups are not needed to talk about most things here unless there is specific interest for a group.
    Locking the group creation feature should not hurt anyone here.
    If there is enough interest for a new group the members can simply ask for it’s creation.

    Old subject on these new sites.
    A preview function for posts and possibly even comments/ updates and all else.
    This would be a big help for everyone.


    I like that anyone can make a group, so if I could tweak your idea Lance I would suggest that only new users be restricted until they have gotten enough posts under their belt.

    I also agree on being able to preview posts, that would be very helpful. Sadly I suspect that this forum software is too primitive to do that. I am all for simplicity but the lack of power/flexibility might limit the community and our defence against spammers.


    Just a suggestion. Can we force anyone have to post why I wish to get into this community before they register as a member and be review by MOD? If it is a spam account, then simply decline their join.

    A review function before they get in, then we can let everyone as free as it can be, also will be good for MOD post review. Have to find and kick out the men form this site will be very annoying and will be hard once the community become hot. ( After MNB3 released )

    Text maybe like this:


    Welcome to Urb game community, Thanks you for your willing to join us. Here is our forum rule

    1. Treat other members with the respect they deserve. Follow the golden rule and treat others like you would like to be treated. Overall, just act like an adult.
    2. The forum language is English only, unless of course, it relates to the content of an URB game. Then of course, Übersetzen auf!
    3. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.
    4. Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
    5. Please be considerate in language you use on the forum, some of our members are younger than others. Swearing is not completely banned, just do not swear unnecessarily, and only use minor words. A Mod is the final judge as to whether you have crossed the line.
    6. No hacking, and illegal activity, such as torrents and illegal downloads. This includes exploits of any URB games. Play fair and take your brutality like a man.
    7. Please do not post inappropriate material. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, don’t post it!
    8. Please do not openly argue with forum staff. Take it to PM’s if you have an issue with a judgement.

    Before register as a member, here are some questions. It is to prevent the Spam account bother the community, make sure every member have a nice place for sharing and Urbed!

    *What is your favorite Urb Game and Why? ( Please inter at least 20 letter )
    *Why you wish to join the community? ( Please inter at least 20 letter )

    Thank you for answer these question. Our MOD will soon to check the request, be patient and hand tight!

    MNB Community

    I don’t know how this can work, and my English skill sure will not as good as to publish like this, but it is just a idea. Hope this can help the community.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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