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    Sure This is not the job I should doing here but as now still got very few member inside so maybe start this as early as possible is needed, so I simply post now.

    *I still believe that the MNB series need some specific divide otherwise it will be too big and hard to find what you want. Also the general forum need some divide as it is too large in previous forum.
    *I love to put every small stuff as a side project forum as it is good for post all other game, such as Urbanslug.
    *Like What Field say this forum do need some color I guess to make this place much beautiful.

    Please come after this with more comment. >o<


    I like these ideas, Arise. Although I’m not sure if more color is necessary; the stark theme seems to suit the atmosphere of Urb games. 😉


    Yeah! It suit the Urb game. Just a little bit bright so can not adapt that quick as the previous forum is deep color. Maybe it is my problem. XD

    I also notice we have fix view previous HQ’s notification’s problem. Such as notification is not convenient to mark read or frequent need to reload. All fix right now, love it.

    *I believe the other game link can also in, like SD or Flagshipped as what we have in previous forum.


    are you going to bring back the dark gray theme to the forums


    Probably not. I kinda dig the clean and fat free look of the new one, it’s less gamy more mature and light weight.


    I like the new site for the speedy simplicity and minimalist factor. Forum features like being able to preview a post and embed videos are missed though. Frankly however other forum solutions (even the open source ones) look like they are such a pain to install so I’m willing to settle a bit.

    URB on!


    Ok well I can’t edit my other post but I redact my statement on the not being able to embed videos. Does it just auto-embed from the url or do you need to put a link tag around it?


    If possible, I believe the edit post function is good as it always be. If that will not be too hard to add. Somehow, we do need to edit or update our post after others already reply it. So, I think this will be much more convenient while posting.


    Allow usernames to be 3 letters long please; I had to put a 1 infront of my username (ron1 instead of ron) when I was signing up.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by Tim.

    I will simply suggest to setting with a function to prevent double post on the page, this usually happened when user re-edit the post.

    This should be add to keep the activity page be much more clean.


    I like the color it matches the way of the games a little camo on the sides would work a bit


    Yep, posting this in here as a public announcement, the wiki has also apparently taken a blow after the security breach and the website purge. Several page names have broken, links related to these pages are non-functioning and the community portal link on left-hand side on the navigation bar is not functioning. Youtube tags don’t work either and to make this all worse, attempting to edit a page pops up an error leaving me unable to even try repairing the damage. I haven’t discovered any further damage yet though.

    So, we have some work to do.


    Good work looking after the wiki Hyyppa. Hopefully a lot of new members will help out there once MNB3 starts rolling around the web.

    Finally have a bit of time to look around here. This site seams to work good with Firefox or at least I can not see anything that is bugged.
    It is easy to navigate and mostly has a lot faster page loading speed then the old place.
    A few suggestions:
    Play URB Games links to the sample page so remove/ change.
    Place game links for Star Destroyer, MNB:Vietnam (people still like to play that one) and maybe also for Urban Slug, Gekisen and anything else you ever made that you would like to share.
    We love your games and enjoy even the simplest or unfinished codings that you ever made.
    Unsure if Flagshipped should be up there since it is playable but only in pre-alpha stage.

    The link button Forums links to the General Forum but it does not say so.
    Easy to miss if people do not try hitting the button to see where that takes them unless it is universally known and I am simply to blind to see.

    Profiles are good.
    However there is the option to Delete Account.
    This was very bad at the start of the previous HQ as active members (lots of posts ect) suddenly dropped out leaving huge gaps between conversations, missing information and basically quiet a mess all around the site.
    I would suggest to remove this feature or at least change it so that the account may be locked but nothing deleted from this site.

    And here comes that old visual feeling again that a plain white background is a bit bright to look at over a longer period of time.
    Is it not possible to somehow darken the back a bit. Not asking for anything fancy. Just something that improves the visibility here and it is not urgent so whenever. 🙂


    @Hyyppa I just give Boss the wiki HTML back up file, can not sure will that really helping your work or not. Maybe you can check with the boss to see how it goes. As I back up, Wiki is the most large one while back up, more then 80000+ file all come from wiki.


    Another point is to add some sub forum about Urbanslug and Flagshipped in to Side Projects Discussions.
    To prevent these two game will rewarm and can’t not find the place.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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