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    Hello guys I have a suggestion for a game I cant build it though I don’t know any game building sites or software but my idea for a game is inspired by MnB Recon and MnB 2 also a little bit by Occupation Forces

    Alpha Base
    You are appointed new Squadron Commander of this Airbase this is like Recon except you control a small squadron of airforce of course theres pilots that grow beards and hair and have morale systems of course like Recon you can pick missions like recon except the missions are like CAS support or Evac or gunship support like in a battle men will call in reinforcements you have to pick the pilots and the chopper or jets they are assigned too their skill is there survivability when going into a hot LZ they can also get PTSD and all some choppers will go down and the jet pilots the lower their skill the more bombs they miss and mission failure
    but you control the choppers when going in and all like Occupation Forces

    Stay tuned while I try to write more and get more ideas

    comment below if you know a software or site I can make this game at

    Baylor Collins

    I’m not sure what MNB is made with, but I think Gamemaker can get you started or make a good prototype. (EDIT: Unity works as well if you can program)

    Also, about the game, do you think the aircraft should have mechanical problems? Ex: the engine starts smoking and you have to attempt an emergency landing in the middle of the jungle and repair the damage yourself, fly in a repair crew, or wait for any mechanics in the ao to fix you up.


    Baylor yes I agree with you thanks for the suggestion and the program
    got any more?
    if you can you can help out


    my bad forgot to press reply but thanks for the suggestion got any more? and thanks for the program you can help out if you want


    Please DELETE your own double posts and other messes yourself. Thank you.

    Good game idea. Try to be more specific when writing a title to your threads/topics.
    “Air Force Base Vietnam” or so makes it more clear to as what you are referring to.
    So basically are a commander of a flight wing on an air base in Vietnam.
    I assume that as you rise in rank you are will get better Choppers and planes to chose from.
    Includes anything that flew at the time.
    Do assigned mission similar as in Recon OR you are THE base commander and manage all your air traffic and assigned missions similar to OFV.

    urbzz currently still coded using Flash but said that he is learning Unity too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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