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    Hit there. 🙂
    The basic game play will stay the same with you inserting with 4 Rangers to do a certain mission but just about everything else gets reworked.
    Alone that almost every different terrain feature affects your men now is a huge difference.
    The targeting takes 2 steps now by checking for LoS to aim at and then again when actually firing allowing you to dodge through the jungle without the enemy getting a clean shot at you for instance. This of course works both ways.
    There will be plenty of new items to use as well.
    At the Base you get more management options but no fighting. Not our job.
    Thanks for suggesting a financial resort there.
    I am sure it’s not money that that takes urb so long to bring out games.
    It’s time since he specifically wants to do all the coding himself.
    However he hired an artist to do most of the visuals for Recondo (this will be the new name of the game) and that frees him greatly to focus on everything else.

    Currently urb is taking a break again from coding Recondo and is jumping in and out of his other creations since soon none will work due to the Flash Extinction so he is aiming to recode them by then.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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