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    Gentlemen we have a functioning RADIO !
    ass well as some more new stuff


    Someone called for a “change-log” so here is the current one.
    recon 0 8

    added los blocker in tall grass

    overt/covert button and text

    r for radio will pick the closest workable radio in case more than one radio

    roe selector by pressing f or clicking it

    halt button by pressing h or hitting the hand

    detected mines/traps will not trigger anymore

    Radio core engine mapped, with TOC channel, chopper channel

    added tension music

    added music when you hit a flare mine

    added music for title screen

    added music for extract

    Added 3 type of trenches, 2 spider holes (currently not occupied) with their cover values

    Added 3 shacks (with cover value)

    added game state (game will know if you are starting or loading or at the briefing menu

    in relation to game states added core game loop logic insert – patrol – extract

    coded basic TOC

    coded extract for Hueys

    Coded save file system (will work in 0 9 when we have an actual mission to do)


    The following is a post by Arise carrying the latest news from Recon LUA development – enjoy!

    Howdy folks, here is some Recon LUA (working title) recent developing reports from our testing crew.

    What Have Been Done:


    *Add basic LOS
    *Basic skill roll
    *Basic combat
    *Save file system for future use


    *Ranger/VC sprites
    *Few weapons (M60, M14, M16, M3, AK, SKS, RPD, Baikal, Mosin)
    *Many vegetation types (a total of 23 different vegetations types)
    *Few type of Ponds ( a big lake and 2 smaller ponds) with WATER EFFECTS!!
    *Rice Paddies

    *Huey being coded but still used the legacy sprite for now

    *3 types of Trenches, 2 type of Spider holes (the enemy hides in it until the last minute and pops out to engage you)

    *3 type of destroyed Shacks
    *Royality Free music has been added to the game.
    *Flare/pressur switch/Mine Trap


    *Hot key

    -“h” Hold (stop your troops)
    -“m” Bring up the Map
    -“w”,”a”,”s”,”d” or “up”,”down”,”left”,”right” camera controls
    -“f” Change Fire Mod (no fire, Defensive stance and weapons free)
    -“r” Radio Panel

    *Mouse Control

    -Single click to move
    -Right click on selected ranger to use action menu, or if a ranger is selected he will look at the direction you right click.
    -Drag select RTS style box

    -Direction change with right click
    -Alt + Right click for Rangers to face opposite direction

    What Next:

    *Hot key

    -“esc” deselect all ranger, if no select then bring game menu
    -“1″,”2″,”3″,”4” to select ranger

    *Radio,Frag,medic item basic usage
    *Medical action


    Want to help the dev process? Reply or start up a thread in our forums or even simply join our discord. >o<

    Lead Test Arise >O<


    newest test vid by me


    Boy does the new UI look smoother! The controls of the rangers are also much simpler.

    I must say, i’m gonna miss a bit the “ragged” MnB style that the old sprites had.
    They made the whole scenario look more crude and brutal.
    I don’t know if i’m saying something crazy or if someone understands.

    Also, i really appreciate the radio chatter. Just something as simple as “stay sharp rangers” adds so much to the realism and feel of the game.

    I look forward to give the new recon a spin!


    newest (news) take from urbzz


    Gentlemen we have grenades!


    Now healing in in.


    VC also have Grenades now and since there is a timer and possible cover the damage got upped again to old values so be afraid, be very afraid.


    how about idea, that the map is super big, but missions are relatively near. The idea would be that, you can do your missions near LZ, but if you want more rare and cool stuff to find or something else, you have to go more deeper to “behind enemy lines”. This idea would satisfye people who like short missions and people who like longer and more adventurous missions, with bigger opportunities. Just an idea idea that came to my mind


    And in my opinion, old character models in Recon looked better, similar like in MnB2

    Chi Long Qua

    The map is already 4x larger than flash recon, and yes while we’re more familiar with the new character models, the work and time has already been made into the newer models


    After having played a few test games it does not “feel” to me that the AO (map) is all that much bigger.
    Most likely dues to the area having a lot more natural as well as active content in variety then before where there was but the few same tree sprites and some rocks around, mostly.

    About “things to do aside the main mission” is a top topic in the development plan.
    Things like “random” encounters be it with an enemy patrol where there was none in the mission brief or running into a friendly of sorts (like with the current Montegard/friendly villager) that either goes with you as a scout, points you to another objective or simply provides you with equipment like ammo perhaps.

    Character design is basically the same with detail improvements.
    That is needed for the new version where the game itself will have a larger display size and more details. The old sprites would look cruddy compared.

    Thanks for the feedback and keep em coming folks.


    Hi Lance and others, the new game looks cool.

    My question is, are suggestions from the past being incorporated into the new game?

    The graphics are cute, they make the game LOOK new. But will the game play feel new and improved as well?

    The great thing about Recon was you could have a bond with your squad. It sucked when you lost somebody. I hope there might be some stuff to do at your base for example. Maybe you have to defend your base from an attack or something. Idk…

    Urb should consider doing a kickstarter to get the money he needs to maximize the potential of his games.

    There was a game much like urbs, very indie, called Kenshi. I was one of the early backers of Kenshi and it has become a huge success, they are in fact working on Kenshi 2.

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