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    To give the visitor here some progress to follow.
    Here a test play of the new LUA Code Recon version.
    Do give suggestions and replies in this Forum.



    So far many of the core game play is there.



    i think the old one looks better, but can’t really tell since this one is still in progress



    What exactly is that Lance? As recon is my favorite Mud and Blood installment, this looks intriguing.



    It is a LUA test/ alpha version to see how well the new coding language handles lots of units at the same time.
    A few new additions where made as well like when running that dust clouds appear where the man has run.
    New blood splatter and exit-wound mist too.



    See the newly added active background and much more.



    Seems good.

    I like the smooth camera feeling. Dust clouds also give a nice indicator that this Ranger is in fact pretty noisy.
    Still, there is a problem with ranger searching EKIA – you seem to have trouble giving him the command to do so. I think that change of coding language could be an opportunity to overhaul not only the mechanics but also the controls, so it would be more intuitive and capable.
    Also, a standalone Recon version (not browser/online) could be the solution to disappearing profiles. Maybe it would be also possible to carry profiles with you (like on pendrive or in a cloud), so you can keep going with different devices.

    Great to hear that some work is still in progress, as Recon is also my favourite M&B.



    New Recon terrain artwork by Derfemel.
    For those that do not know. This dude is now officially the designated Recon game design artist.

    more details

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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