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    To give the visitor here some progress to follow.
    Here a test play of the new LUA Code Recon version.
    Do give suggestions and replies in this Forum.


    So far many of the core game play is there.


    i think the old one looks better, but can’t really tell since this one is still in progress


    What exactly is that Lance? As recon is my favorite Mud and Blood installment, this looks intriguing.


    It is a LUA test/ alpha version to see how well the new coding language handles lots of units at the same time.
    A few new additions where made as well like when running that dust clouds appear where the man has run.
    New blood splatter and exit-wound mist too.


    See the newly added active background and much more.


    Seems good.

    I like the smooth camera feeling. Dust clouds also give a nice indicator that this Ranger is in fact pretty noisy.
    Still, there is a problem with ranger searching EKIA – you seem to have trouble giving him the command to do so. I think that change of coding language could be an opportunity to overhaul not only the mechanics but also the controls, so it would be more intuitive and capable.
    Also, a standalone Recon version (not browser/online) could be the solution to disappearing profiles. Maybe it would be also possible to carry profiles with you (like on pendrive or in a cloud), so you can keep going with different devices.

    Great to hear that some work is still in progress, as Recon is also my favourite M&B.


    New Recon terrain artwork by Derfemel.
    For those that do not know. This dude is now officially the designated Recon game design artist.

    more details


    coded screen shake and mine detection today

    added crater, sparks and smoke effect

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    concerning the mine detection in lua
    the detection range for detecting booby traps for rangers and VCs are 200 + (observation skill * 20)
    the chance the boobytrap is detected is 30 + (demoSkill *5) + teamEffect
    So a Ranger that is maxed out in observation has a range of 300 px
    a ranger that is maxed out in observation t has 55% (+team effect) per actions to detect a mine that is within line of sight and in his cone of vision
    About VC behavior:
    they wont stay there and get murdered
    and VC under 25% will try to exit the map
    if he does he becomes a queen like in chest
    meaning a special troops will spawn in or a QRF in response

    but a 25% (on health) VC doesnt move fast and takes breaks to bleed and be miserable
    so then you tracks him with blood stains

    tracks in the mud and plants he flattens by walking
    it wont be always possible
    some VCs will just bleed out on their way as well

    definitely happy to hear there will be more tracking VC in this game
    the map will be huge though, it could take them a while
    other VC’s could go and help them as well
    yes or if he dies and havent been found by his friends yet and is found by a QRF they will get all agitated again

    currently what is done is 7 new trees
    5 bushes and 5 plants
    next priority is the rocks

    then after that the GPI as we call it
    but in here we call this assets
    its all the stuff that affects gameplay
    VC camps, ruins, radio remotes ect..

    A patrol of VC got wounded then left taking little care of the tracks they left behind.



    from urb
    [audio src="" /]

    semi and auto are two different beasts when it comes to firing
    but the ROF of a weapon dictates the amount of rounds you can fire in a round with an automatic weapon such a m60 or an ak47
    semi fires a certain amount of rounds per action and are timed by the ability of the shooter to line up his shots.. aka xp
    the specific amount of rounds coming out of a semi is 3 + a random number equal to the shooter xp/10
    or until this shooter gets pinned or other from of intercept
    this is pretty much driven from the proven Twillight2000 combat system
    which in my opinion had by far the best combat system when it came to modern weapons, closely followed by Battelords

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    although recon lua use a different system but the outcome is the same
    if you shoot you are not doing anything else
    in flash recon the timer was frozen
    in lua recon the timer keeps ticking but for the shoot action
    resets when the gun is put down from the firing position
    SnipperToday at 9:05 AM
    ah that makes sense
    is ranger spotting affected by covert/overt?
    or just VC spotting
    urbToday at 9:05 AM
    currently a Ranger periferal vision dimishes during overt


    this is an image of a pressure switch mine

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