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    Potato Masher

    Can anyone give me advice?
    I only need to do one more successful mission to become a 1st Lieutenant, but I’ve been doing this same Hunter/Killer mission, but I end up losing 3 guys, all the time. Then the one time I finally get the kill requirement, I get murdered by the “very few” mines and explosives. Any tactics or tips?


    That me bring some awesome men to help you, Combat Expert- @Anomie , Super Recon Adviser- @Lt-Dan. Guess they can give you some good suggestion.

    Small tip about mine:

    *Walk slow and have a high spot skill men ahead.
    *When you walk at night, tactical pause in order to make sure you can search around completely.
    *Keep your RTO and Medic behind the moving direction, to prevent you lose them both in a single mine.
    *have a EOD kit ( If you have ) to increase the chance to disarm the pressure mine.
    *Prey!!!! Mine is deadly, even the memo tell you there are very few, it still can kill you. Seriously!


    The best thing to do in Hunter/Killer is to wait and ambush. At the LZ there are always a couple VC lurking around waiting to get the drop on your Rangers. If they don’t come out right away, then wait. Put your men in a formation that allows them to observe their surroundings without being inhibited by cover like rocks and trees. Be patient, and eventually one VC will bite. When one VC is spotted get all your men’s guns on that position for that is where they all will come. You can fill up a small Hunter/Killer quota with this method.

    Now, if you need more than just a coupla kills you use Bird Dog. Every Hunter/Killer mission is guaranteed at least one VC spawn (referred to as footpaths or patrol trails) and if you carefully move over there and wait in position, you can get many relatively easy kills since the spawned troops will not be all that aware of what’s going on.
    Good spot is king, it will be very helpful with traps and spotting enemies. Hope this helps.

    Potato Masher

    I keep running into problems, pls halp.
    Attack a firebase, simple enough.
    I lose my best scout, an effective M60 gunner, and most experienced medic. I restart the mission, still lose 2 guys. The VC aren’t the problem; they’re all militia. But after taking the firebase, I start getting mowed down by hand-grenade sized explosives. After about a minute, two guys are dead. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I get swarmed with militia that have Baikals. I need a good strategy, can anyone help please?
    Also, thanks arise and lt-dan for the advice, I made it through.


    Hand-grenade sized explosives probably come from the VC Mortar or Cannon which will be place on the corner of firebase. Before you are going to start the attack, you should check around the corner and see do there have supporting weapon or not.

    The supporting like MG, Mortar, Recoiless Cannon can easy to kill your men. Simply use grenade to destroyed four corner will be another option.

    Be advise, if there are VC around you which have hand radio, he might trigger the mortar or cannon to shoot to your position. The higher heat score you have, the higher chance you will found supporting weapon in firebase.

    Good luck!


    A good idea is to use artillery and air support. Lots of explosives are VERY useful as well, just blow shit up basically.


    Give them all vests, and gun down any one who gets too close, and anyone who looks like they are going to throw a hand grenade. Make sure that you split them up and make sure you have spacing as well, you should have two Machine Gunners (idk why) so that as the enemy runs out of the firebase, you can light them up.

    Nicholas Andersen

    For ambush missions with a high kill count, missions that tell you to survey a large portion of the AO, or missions where you have to spot multiple enemies, typing your objective in the address bar can help you remember the exact number, avoiding accidental mission failure.


    Is there any penalty to staying out in the field for an extended period of time? Like does it affect your soldiers moral or add to fatigue in the long run, or does it affect the immediate abilities of your men during the mission?


    I believe the only penalty is increased fatigue if you make your Rangers walk around a lot, but other than that I don’t think there are any penalties.

    Mexican Batman

    I am not sure about the walking around penalty but , your men will get between +1 and +5 fatigue per day that they are out on the field.


    No walking around penalty actually, the Recon don’t punishment the men who stay for long on the ground. It only add Fatigue. The Recon main purpose is stealth, and stealth take time, so it is unlikely to punish the patient player. Only weather will give Ranger buff and debuff, so does VC.

    In case, Ranger somehow will prepare 2~5 days food and water to survive in the jungle, translate to Recon timer means 46 minutes to 2 hours game play, I think most of player will not play a mission longer then this so it should be fine on the historical part.

    The Fatigue is the main issue on this part, it increase the possible chance for your daily officer memo, and decrease your Merit. The higher the Fatigue ranger is, the more problem he will bring. In my experiment, commander should avoid to increase ranger’s fatigue to 20+.


    iotico wrote:
    I believe the only penalty is increased fatigue if you make your Rangers walk around a lot, but other than that I don’t think there are any penalties.

    Right on. Just try this. Make your men run (go overt) a lot in a mission.
    They will all be totally worn out, 20+++ fatigue, and in serious danger to get bad memos (as arise said) like the 1000 yard stare.

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