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    The Pig

    What would you guys think of a mission where you have to clear an LZ for other forces? It starts off as an mission to clear an randomly marked LZ(includes the main LZ)for a small platoon of Air Cav troops to insert in the AO. It will most definitely be a high combat mission, so throw your stealth plans out the window and assign your best rangers with heavy weaponry. As for insertion, it will be the insertion point like the bypass mission so you just gotta head your way to the LZ and clear it before the Air Cav platoon comes. You will encounter Main Force, VC, and a small chance(depending on Heat level) of encountering NVA supported by a BTR. I feel as if this could be an awesome yet dangerous challenge for you and your Rangers.

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    I think this a really cool mission idea! Maybe a different format for this mission could be like that of a firebase defense mission, where when you start the mission you must find and secure a suitable landing zone. Following this, you would radio in for the Air cav or other allied infantry to come in. Then, you must then pop a smoke and defend the LZ until the incoming helo shows up. Mission difficulty would be variable, with failure occurring if you lose your squad at any point before the helo ultimately shows up to drop off the air cav and pick up your squad.


    Bright Light Mission
    This actually existed. Most deadliest of any type of mission at the time and place.
    Basically your team needs to find and extract with a “presumed” KIA team of friendlies.
    To make this a bit easier and exiting (random) then needing to search the entire AO by foot for up to 4 dead bodies; basically like POW rescue but you need to carry theses to the extraction point.
    Random factors: 10% chance per KIA generated soldier to still be alive.
    If alive then in hiding and needs to be spotted and then acts like a Kit Carson. Important = Can not be spotted by enemy first but once you spot him (them) then they are legit enemy targets.
    Another random thing: 20% chance that your radio man can pic up their automatic emergency radio signal and thus home in on their general location.
    One more: Firefight Signs like shells and explosions and foot print tracks that you can identify as friendly.
    Here the historical source.


    A great find by our awesome member Kit Carson posted on the Discord Channel.
    I (re) posted it here either as a New Mission suggestion or a sound track (snippsels maybe) addition.
    In the text it says that special units (RECON) brought speakers way behind enemy lines, made out large concentrations of enemies (a FOB like already in game) and then played this at night.
    Sometimes it caused massive moral fails among enemies (actually all nearby that did not know of this scare scam) causing them to abandon their position.
    Mission requirement would of course be absolute stealth or they know what’s up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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