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    Maharbal Barca

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    Maharbal Barca

    I was poking around some topics and videos regarding Age of Empires III (anticipating a Remaster following the treatment AoE I and II have received) and came across a few details that made me ponder the role the natives play in LW, and how they could possibly be expanded in 2.0.

    Forward: For those unfamiliar, the third entry in the Age of Empires Franchise is set during the discovery age and deals with the settling of the new world by Old World Empires (big names such as Spain, England, France, and Portugal, alongside some less prevalent such as Russia, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire), in which the player can encounter and enlist the help of native tribes. The tribes present are dependent upon the map being played: play a Caribbean or Bayou map and expect Carib natives. Play the Rain-forest map and be on the lookout for Maya and Inca. The vanilla game touted a healthy list of native tribes available, and the Warchiefs expansion made three of them, the Lakota, Iroquois, and Aztec, full playable empires, replacing them with the Cheyenne, Huron, and Zapotec tribes, respectively. When you befriend a tribe (by building a trade post in their “city”) you gain access to unique research and units. It was the unique unit of the Cree tribe that made me consider a second look at natives in Last Winter.

    The Cree tribe offered a Cree Courier du Bois (the Courier du Bois itself was a unique citizen unit for the French faction, being tougher and gathering goods faster). Why did the Cree get such a stark connection to the French and not the Iroquois or Huron? Come to find that the Cree are one of the largest populations of indigenous people in Canada, at least today. So could they play a role in LW?

    There are a few aspects that should be considered:
    1. Unique Mechanics: In 1.0, the Huron and Iroquois were simple mirrors of each other, just as the British were mirrors of the French, save for a few uniform items. In 2.0, I believe that it would be beneficial to have unique characteristics for each tribe. For example, when visiting an Iroquois settlement, one may only find certain items available for trade such as Iroquois Clubs, Tomahawks, wampum, etc. and have access to specific actions (war training?). Vis a visit to a Huron village may offer a different experience: Huron maces and other unique items. (It has been discussed that while the Iroquois have the reputation of being more warlike, both the Huron and Iroquois were adept warfighters). Additional Tribes would require similar unique aspects. Tribes such as the Cree could offer tracking gear and expertise, for example.

    2. Language:In 1.0, there was only one native language skill despite there being 2 tribes. The game got away with this because both the Hurons and Iroquois spoke Iroquoian dialects (despite the fact that the Haudenosaunee comprised of 5 different peoples speaking different sub-dialects). New tribes could call for more languages necessary. A simple fix could be to split the native languages int twain: Iroquoian and Algonquin dialects (the Cree are considered an Algonquin speaking peoples.)

    3. Native Beliefs: it has been discussed at length the fleshing out of the faith system in LW, possibly allowing the player to travel down two different paths of faith: Colonial Christianity or Native Spirit belief. This could be taken a step further (further down the line of development of course) with even more diverse belief systems, each providing different bonuses (Protestantism creating a better work ethic and giving bonus to English, Catholic giving more morale boost effect and gives bonus to French. Different tribal spirits (spirit animals? The Great Spirit?) give different bonuses? All with their unique faith trees. Discussion for another time)

    4. Tribes to consider: Lastly, what tribes should we take a look at to possibly add to LW? Obviously the Cree are my first suggestion, but are there any others? I believe 4 tribes is a good goal to shoot for mid-development (our original roster being what we work with first), Ideally 2 Iroquoian (Huron and Iroquois) and 2 Algonquin: Cree and ???. Perhaps the Blackfoot would be a good choice? I’ve also considered the Cherokee, however they are A: not an Algonquin peoples, and B: are possibly too far south for the game to consider. However it would provide a British offset to the French Cree.



    Very good game suggestion man.
    urb has made a reply to this idea on Discord that basically said that he would like to keep just the original 2 natives (LW 1.0) to keep the game simpler for new players.
    I would however love to see those 4 tribes that you mentioned with their own items and stuffs.
    But as is with 2 tribes and one native language the game works well so maybe just some additions to their items and assets in game.

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