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My definitive list of the weapons in Recon

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    Hey all! So I’ve been playing Recon off and on for quite some time, so I thought it would be useful to make a list comparing all of the weapons in Recon (That I own.) I will be adding on to this list as I get more and more firearms. I’ll also be sorting these by category (Battle Rifles, Pistols, LMGs, Rifles, Light Rifles/SMGs and other, more niche weapon category’s (Suppressed weapons and Snipers when I get them.)

    M16: The most basic of weapons in Recon, the gun that you base all other opinions off of. It features a high jam chance of 1.5% (2.0% when suppressed) decent range, a great fire rate and a decent overall ammo capacity.

    Stoner 63: A better version of the M16, only being outclassed in close range combat and suppression. I would suggest switching to the Stoner 63 as soon as you get it. The Stoner 63 has one of the lowest jam chances at only 0.4%, It has a very good overall ammo capacity at 30 +180, coupled with it’s already good damage and fire rate, this is one of the best firearms in the game.

    XM-177: A lighter version of the M16, the grandfather of the M4 Carbine, In a squad full of M16s, this would go to the radio operator for bulk reasons.

    Battle Rifles
    M14: This rifle is lighter than the G3, Has more ammo, and has better range. (Almost double) but the M14 is semi auto and has a much longer reload than the G3.

    G3: The G3 is one of my favorite battle rifles in existance, but I feel like URB does this gone no justice. I would suggest using the M14 over the G3. I find the G3 to be overrated compared to the superior M14.(Reasons why are in the M14 section, the G3 should have the range and accuracy that can compete to the M14.)

    Mosin Nagant: A novelty bolt action rifle, this is worthless compared to other firearms of similar bulk, I would suggest using one of the aforementioned battle rifles instead of this. (Even the G3)

    Light Machine Guns

    Stoner LMG: This is an amazing LMG in Recon, I prefer to use this over the M60 for bulk reasons, however being that the M60 is so good, that should go to show as to say how much I like this LMG. It features great statistics in everything except for range, which truly is this LMG’s downfall.

    M60: “The Pig” is a monster of a firearm, truly a force to be reckoned with, it features very high suppression capabilities, high range (Second best, beating the M14 and the SVD) This is best used in high kill-low movement operations due to it’s very high bulk.

    BAR: I was considering putting this into the battle rifle category, but fundamentally this is a LMG or a SAW. The BAR features good range and damage, with average statistics in jam chance and fire rate. I would give this to my rangers in lieu of the G3.

    Light Rifles/Sub Machine Guns
    M1 Carbine: The M1 Carbine isn’t that great at anything, but not terrible at anything either, it features a slightly higher jam chance than most (0.8% vs 0.7%) Being one of the lightest weapons in the game, I would consider using this instead of the XM177 if you need a low weight loadout.

    M3: An iconic firearm from the second world war, this is the lightest primary weapon in the game, if you’re hard pressed on keeping your bulk at a minimum this could be for you, it features mediocre stats in everything except a few very notable areas. The M3’s strong suite is in the amount of ammo it carries, 30 +180 is great considering it’s low rate of fire, however the biggest flaw with this SMG is it’s range, at only 90 pixels it doesn’t have the worst range, but it isn’t great either. (It’s effective range is about 1/5th of the viewing area)

    PPS-43: This is the PPSH-41 of Vietnam, There, I said it. This SMG is an amazing close quarters firearm, mostly because of it’s high rate of fire, low recoil and higher than average magazine capacity. But it’s weakness is in it’s damage, range, jam chance and overall ammo capacity. It’s at the same weight as an M16 which is good for a symmetrical bulk loadout, but not great in a head to comparison with the M16.

    Sten Mk 2: Another iconic firearm from WW2. The Sten features a low jam chance at 0.4%. The Sten also features some very positive aspects like it’s low bulk and overall ammo capacity. The only big weakness of the Sten is it’s damage and range, being nearly identical to the M3.

    Thompson: The Thompson SMG isn’t really a SMG in Recon, it’s more of a bridge between a normal combat rifle like the M16 and a LMG like the BAR. The Thompson SMG is a miracle worker in Recon, with a very high rate of fire and damage for it’s category. I would actually use this over the G3 (And sometimes the BAR) for use in close to medium range firefights. It’s only true weakness is in it’s bulk, at 12 bulk it matches the BAR and is only 2 bulk more than the G3. The Thompson is one of the most underrated firearms in Recon at the moment and I think that with time and a little bit of usage people will come to realize just how good the Thompson can be.


    At the moment all of the Pistols in Recon have the same, unknown statistics. However, being the fanboy/American that I am, I only use the M1911 and all others are inferior. (Hehe)

    Niche Weapons

    Mat-49s: The suppressed Mat-49, This piece of *Insert favorite 4 letter word* is only good at one thing, being suppressed. It has the absolute worst statistics in range and damage but features a decent magazine capacity and fire rate. The Mat-49s is truly an abysmal firearm in the game and since it’s the only suppressed weapon I currently have, I live with it.

    Baikal: Who the *You know the deal, your favorite 4 letter word* added this into the game? It’s absolute trash in everything except it’s jam chance and damage (Go figure it’s a double barrel shotgun.) I would never use this in Recon other than having an all NVA weapon squad with a close range firearm, but I have the Mat-49s and the PPS-43 for that.

    Model 77E: The only shotgun I would ever consider unless URB adds more shotguns, The Model 77E features a very high damage and surprising effective range and a very low jam chance. It also features a few negative statistics as as well, most notably in it’s magazine capacity and rate of fire, I rarely take the Model 77E out, but if I had to use a shotgun, this would be it.

    That’s all I have for now, but I will add more later as they become available and revise a few as they get adjusted.

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