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    What about some Huey┬┤s music on extraction ? Like The Animals and CCR



    If the VC can take men’weapons why can’t we take theirs



    Could we add the bulletproof vests?




    Ranger pick VC gun is possible, but it will require a lot of work to do. Also, it will cause some game play problem while control.

    Bullet Vast, maybe.

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    Bullet vests were not common and our best representation of that here is the Flak Jacket.

    Replacing the Ranger’s gun with a VC gun was highly discouraged because A: Equipment is expensive. B: Not matching ammunition



    I meant when the ranger is out of ammo .Bro,seriously? So he just survive with a fucking pistol?



    Yeah. That’s why the pistol’s there. And that’s why we bring ammo boxes.
    I think it’d be unwieldy and difficult to program the ranger to carry two guns at once.

    Now the pilot, that’s a different matter. The pilot should be able to pick up a superior weapon.



    I don’t know if this is stupid but could we pick up a rock and throw it?It should attract VCs effectively



    I think having other ways of producing noise artificially would be good as currently the only way to do that is to waste grenades or support to produce explosives, and hence noise. Something as simple as a rock or a whisper to attract enemies in a particular direction, perhaps at the cost of heightening their awareness, would be nice. Maybe fool an enemy into abandoning an asset or getting an HMG to face another direction.

    I wonder if there were such things as noisemakers in that time period.



    I think a system were you get more of a particular style of mission based on what you did good on or chose in your previous missions would add to the immersive feeling. For example if your guys have go on like 3 recce missions and got kill cards you start getting an increased chance at drawing a recce mission.



    Did something happen to my post? It just disappeared… whatever I’ll just retype.

    First off, as you can tell from my profile picture, I want the XM21 (I’ve been waiting for ages haha). I heard something about it being an assassination gun, hoping it’ll be added sometime.

    Weapons changes I would suggest:

    HK33: Rename to T223 (American designation) and give a 40 round magazine, like IRL.
    FAL: Rename to L1A1 (Australian designation) and make it semi-auto. If it’s an L1A1 and not an L2, it should be semi, right?
    G3: Should get a scope (I’d give a link but I suspect it caused my last post to fail). The ones used by SEALs in Vietnam had scopes, so why can’t ours?
    XM177: Make it full auto, I never really understood why it was semi in the first place.
    M1 Carbine: Switch to M2 Carbine, M2 is quite a bit better and used in Vietnam (experience from MnB3).

    Weapons I would suggest:

    XM21 (possibly silenced)
    M40 (silenced)
    Sten gun (silenced)
    M16A1 (significantly less jam rate)
    M16A1 with 30 rd mag
    Snub-nose revolver (I know there’s a sprite for it already)
    Semi-Auto shotgun (Auto-5?)

    I heard that in update 1.5 there would be a new mission type, where your team would go to a bombed train/convoy/something and retrieve scattered bits of intel. I’d like to see this happen.



    One more thing, VC stationaries have absurd view range (lookin at you HMGs). I’d say they can only see in a 180 degree arc in front of themselves just like ordinary VC’s, but frequently turn to a random new direction. The gunners should also be able to be shot, grenaded, or even knifed off.



    Actually The HMG Gunner can be shoot out, but well Knife them is the thing I really want. XD



    This is Recon arise and not MNB3. OR I totally missed out on something. :blush:




    You do realize that M16 was infamous for jamming all the time in Vietnam? Also, why bother renaming weapons from the universally known names to the much more obscure. The L1A1 was also used as the designation for one of their own rifles (sure, lets confuse the sh*t out of it). Some things are better left alone…

    …just like the ability to keep sending the same troopers for combat training and boosting their stats beyond 5. You used to be able to make super soldiers!!! Now, its more like the NVA have that advantage.

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