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    In the event that Recon ever gets an update here are my top 5 most wanted updates:

    1. More guns with suppressors! Carlos Hathcock had a suppressed M40- it’d be great to be able to get long range stealth kills. Any suppressed pistol would be fantastic. The Smith and Wesson Hush Puppy was used by all manner of special operations in Vietnam.

    2. Any semi automatic shotgun. Remington 11-48 and the Auto-5 were both used by American forces in Vietnam.

    3. Any revolvers. Especially any Magnum revolvers. A Smith and Wesson Model 27 or Model 29 would be great.

    4. New missions: We know that Rangers didn’t always work alone. There needs to be a mission where your team is working with friendly forces (and not just offscreen like in the Radio relay). It could be the ARVN, US Marines, Navy SEALS, ANZAC, whatever.

    5. XM21 Sniper Rifle: M14 with a scope. Extended range, +1 or 2 bulk.


    that sounds pretty sweet ill second all of that and add a shotgun idea the ithica m37 (sawed off)



    Also maybe no stock. So it’s the normal shotgun with less range but less bulk.
    What’s more, the Sten and Mac-10 should be suppressed.

    I have a ton of ideas like these but in a different thread (this thread is for the five things I want to see the most out of all of my ideas).

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    I have Yet to play Recon. It’s one of, if not the only Urb game I haven’t tried. :/
    ..and I really don’t know why…


    I remenber a option on the earlier Recon updates to call marines for backup. What about that?


    Regarding the topic of addirional allied troops in the game:
    URB made an official statement that they are probably not going to appear in the game, due to computing limitations. Recon is already heavy as it is now, and putting in there more AI, models, behaviour algorythms and other stuff required to succesfully implement Allies would be too heavy for the game.

    So that’s it.

    As for other suggestions here, my personal opinion:

    -More weapons.
    Nah. We’re good as we are. Unless they bring something very new to the table, I think we can do without them. Definitely wouldn’t call them “must have”

    -More missions
    They’re welcome. I remember some good suggestions being thrown out in the forum.

    -More assets
    Stationary AA gun, ammunition dump, tunnel entrance, command post, ETC.
    I would really like to see them in game. Some of them could be used as an objective for new mission types.

    -Segmented main map
    This idea dates some way down, but I still believe it to be a viable idea.
    Basically, cut the main map (the one in the office, on which missions are selected from) into segments.
    This would require slight intel and heat reworks, as each segment would have it’s own heat and intel indicator.
    Some of the heat from one sector may spread to neighbouring sectors.
    As for intel, there are few ideas, but they are all a matter to discuss.
    For now I’ll just leave this idea here, as I thing it’s good enough.


    Excellent answer my dear friend. 🙂
    There are a few things on the most wanted list. Will post once work resumes.



    “Nah. We’re good as we are. Unless they bring something very new to the table, I think we can do without them. Definitely wouldn’t call them ‘must have'”

    I would disagree here. The introduction of suppressed sidearms/sniper rifles could really change how the game is played. The rest of the stuff may not be necessary but it definitely makes the game more enjoyable/historically accurate.

    Apparently weapons are very easy to code, so there’s that.


    Gotta bring up some of my opinion as this is my favorite game. >o<

    The Things I believe should be fixed when we get a chance to have Recon new patch:

    *Supply Drop Back Online

    Although I only use it once in my Recon carrier, but yeah maybe it is still needed. Base on what we know in the community, there are lots of men playing Mud and Blood Rambo. (XD) So I think this one is vital for those men who have really bad day on the ground, no matter they cause it or something.


    Then about the discussion about Recon, my view of point:

    *More Weapon?

    I don’t think @kacpo and @lt-dan stand opposite. >o< Kacpo is right, the Recon weapon is good enough, although there might not have enough weapon to satisfy the collect feeling, but for combat it is already good enough. Lt-Dan is also right, weapon add can really arise the feeling while we are playing Recon, the more weapon you can collect then more funny while you are trying. Maybe more incredible weapon with hard obtain ribbon can doing very good in game play. In fact, adding weapon is really easy and low cost. So drawing some awesome animation and bring another heat about new weapon must be awesome taste. Of course, it is not “ Must have “ for sure. XDD

    Supresser will give a huge benefit for sure, but back with non overt can lead with a bad result to break the Recon game balance. So any new silent weapon need to be think twice before we add. I personal feel the silent pistol and silent Sniper rifle is a good idea, it give more sense, but will this impact have to been estimate first.

    *More Mission

    Sure, that give a different playing feeling. I believe there are milions of mission we can add. lol

    *More Asset

    Definitely have to, it bring with more satisfy feeling while we walking in the AO. Make the searching more interesting. Probably can increase the environment asset spam chance, so we can get more intel collect and tactical using.

    *Segmented Main Map

    Sounds good Kacpo. I like it, but sure it will change game heavily. So currently this is not what I concern about.


    Urb did mention he wish to slow down the Recon and do some interface improvement job then add new things. But well, I feel that current Recon interface is good enough. XD There are something we can change or add, most of changing don’t change the game code greatly but change the game very very greatly:

    *Increase The Bulk Effect which Decrease The Moving Speed

    I think we have to increase the Bulks effect, as Bulk 60 and Bulk 20 moving speed is so close, I wish this can doing very very greatly, so Recon will put the player to concern about their equipment very very carefully.

    Also can punish those guys who wish to Bring M60 + Ammo Box to walk around AO. XDD

    *Re-adjust Some Equipment Bulks and Quantity

    Some of equipment can readjust their bulks to make them more useful and increase the player willing to carry them. Also can make with some downgrade equipment, to give player different tactical sense. Like Extra Clip as a smaller Ammo Box with less bulks…etc. And give others thing like mine or smoke grenade and CS grenade have more quantity then now, base on real weight and volume balance.

    *Knife Auto Take Down Change

    Make the Ranger who carry knife don’t auto take down the VC but still Snatch him. The only different with no knife will be when press the “o” it will use knife instead of choke him.

    *More Ribbon

    It can say as add nothing but add more challenge for player to make through it. This will greatly increase the game feeling, just like MNB2. XD

    *More Equipment

    In my opinion, the equipment will change the Recon much more then weapon, because Recon is not a killing game. Some more interesting equipment can make the game very very different. There are lots of stuff base on historical resource and some game play thinking, to combine with the ribbon then Recon will just be incredible fun. XDDD


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    Just throw away the supressed weapons stuff.Why don’t we add supressors as an attachment?


    Sure we can, but that have to change all weapon setting, and also have to set the limit to some of weapon. In meaning the weapon balance will break, so this is not likely to happened. >o<

    It relate to too many part: kill card, Ribbon, weapon balance…. lol

    That is why we choice to add supressed weapon not supressed attachment. If we are going to change. Recon have to change lots of part, that will never be a easy work. ( and the bug will come.. XD )



    There are several things wrong with doing this:

    -As Arise mentioned, it would require extensive reworking of the game.

    -Not every gun could be fitted with suppressors, especially not back then. Companies had to design specific suppressors for each gun.

    -The suppressor itself does not decrease gun stats, it would actually increase them. The reason why the gun stats are lowered is because in order for the suppressor to actually make the guns very quiet, the ammunition would have to be changed to subsonic ammunition, which is not standard issue.

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    @lt-dan Supressed sniper rifle and sidearm is exactly what I meant by “bringing something new.”
    These are suggestions I have no problem with.

    I agree on Bulk rework. Both the weight of the items and it’s overall effect on the speed of the Rangers.

    Knife takedown rework is definitely something that belongs on the MUST HAVE list.

    More ribbons; rather nah. same thing as with weapons. Unless they are something special, they aren’t thant important to me.

    More equipement: Depends what equipement. We already have a lot of it. I can’t see any substantial lacks here, but at the same time, there’s so much more interesting gadgets that can be added, that I’m eager to hear them out.


    While we’re mentioning ‘must have” updates of Recon, having a stock room or locker room where you can load your guys up prior to the mission and check what you’ve unlocked would be a nice addition.

    Improving the uses for intel would be nice as well. Currently using it as a currency is nice, but I feel like it could be expanded a bit more to go beyond just buffing your doods, debuffing the enemy or uping your merit. Some of the intel you collect while on a mission should have in mission effects. Picking a radio off an enemy’s corpse should reveal a new patrol route or give you some very current info on the enemy QRF size and status. Finding a unit patch should give your specialists more information on the enemy they are dealing with and increase their ability to fight the enemy by a percent or two. Going further, some enemies like officers if you manage to kill them should drop intel that can unlock new opportunity missions or objectives. There’s plenty that can be done for sure.


    I really like the armory/locker idea. It’s much better than creating a loadout on the helicopter, for sure. Makes me wonder why URB didn’t do it in the first place, lol.

    And intel could always use expansion.

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