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    Let’s talk about the ribbon obtain tactics on MNBR. Unlike MNB2, ribbon in Recon is not hard to obtain. (Compare with I like Pie on MNB2 lol) Here it is, that us show some solution to as quick as possible to obtain lose reward on your profile.

    Currently I know there are no complete discussion on this topic so maybe post here and create a full topic will be good. Also some ribbon will unlock good equipment and weapon to use. So, that us go!

    (Warning!!! We receive high call sign of large scale friendly article into our forum!!!)
    (Warning!!! Old article spam the site again!!!)

    Before we go, here list the situation first.

    Try to get all ribbon!

    Ribbon List:

    *First Patrol:
    After a patrol without scratch. (Unlock M14!)
    *Past Finder Ribbon:
    Awarded when you complete a mission without leave any tract behind. (Unlock Ho Chi Minh Sandals!)
    *Dedication Ribbon: Awarded when you have three successful missions in a row. (Unlock Stoner LMG!)
    *Night Ops: Kill 25 enemies at night. (Unlock Starlight Scope!)
    *Tactical Observation: Take a picture contain 5 enemy asset. (Unlock Quick Acquisition Lense!)
    *Honorable Conduct Ribbon: After 10 patrols with no ragequit. (Unlock M40!)
    *Valorous Conduct Ribbon: After 25 patrols with no ragequit. (Unlock M16M203!)
    *Basic Recon Operations: Awarded when 5 patrols have been completed successfully. (+1% to have a shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience)
    *Advance Recon Operations: Awarded when 10 patrols have been completed successfully. (+1% to have a shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience)
    *Expert Recon Operations: Awarded when 20 patrols have been completed successfully. (+1% to have a shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience)
    *Master Recon Operations: Awarded when 50 patrols have been completed successfully. (+2% to have a shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience)
    *Elite Recon Operations: Awarded when 100 patrols have been completed successfully. (+2% to have a shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience)
    *EOD Ribbon: Awarded when squad have total of 10 disarm Pressure Mines (Unlock EOD Kit!)
    *Silent Ops: Awarded after conducting a excellent Recon patrol (50% AO Cover) Without being detected. (Unlock Silent-M16!)
    *Jungle warfare: Cover 100% AO in a Recce Mission. (Unlock Green Beret)


    *A shake’n bake soldiers— Sgt with no experience:
    That means when you replace some soldiers inside your team, (No Matter MIA, KIA or WIA) There have a chance to obtain a Sgt soldier with no experience, up to the +X% From your ribbon. (The max should be +7%)

    That means the ranger step on pressure mine (There will have a awesome sound effect, then you know someone might not get out here alive!) and the pressure mine been disarm by anyone.

    *Without being detected:
    That means during whole operation you have not been spotted by any VC soldiers or Supporting Weapon (Like VC MG, Bunker, Cannon, NVA Truck…etc). Detected or not doesn’t relate to Engage, Covert or Overt. (So don’t surprise if you haven’t spot any VC in operation but they don’t give you ribbon. That means you have been spotted by VC, one guy you didn’t saw and also didn’t shoot at you.)

    *Recce Mission:
    A mission which ask you to cover X% of AO. ( Need TOC Sit Rep )

    That include VC Unit(Vehicle too), Traps, Construction(Like Trench or Camp Site),Others(HVT Tract). Almost everything you saw in AO can be take as asset except Land Scape.

    That means you escape the bad result by turn off the page. You will get a ragequit counter in your profile. If your Browser shut down unusual, it will not be take as ragequit due to the Sol file have not been saved. So you will not get ragequit counter by accident.

    OK! Here we start!!

    When you start a new profile, it is ok to reset the profile to find the best starter mission-Recce Mission. Why I say this is the best start mission? Because you have a chance to gain 3 ribbon in first mission.

    In early game, the Rank, VC condition and Heat score is the quiet low. So your AO should have very less VC, Vehicle and supporting weapon around. (By the way, Early mission normally ask less Number or Percent in quest. You can get a 15% AO cover Recce mission in your early game, but after you rank up it will become at least 25% some even ask 50% or more!) If you comfirm the first mission condition is not good for 50% AO cover, you can just call Huey and leave. Still can get at least two ribbon.

    I would suggest you avoid combat to get [First Patrol] and [Past Finder Ribbon] in first mission. Because M14 and Sandal is quiet useful. Sandal let your ranger avoid leaving a tract also increase the movinfg speed. M14 is powerful, long range weapon in early game.(When your still have low rank and less kill card, M14 is the best choice.)

    Other Ribbon like [Night Ops] or [XXX Recon Operations] just need to take time to obtain. It is quiet easy as you don’t ragequit and keep up good work. To get 100 successful mission before second tour is quiet possible.(365 day to have 100 success will not be hard even you only have 2/3 of successful ability) But you have to focus on mission, try to not gain more then 5 heat score in every mission. Your AO condition will be stable, then yo may be able to get that screen shot on tour one!

    All of Ribbon will be obtained by time except for three Ribbons. [Silent Ops], [EOD Ribbon], [Jungle warfare]!

    Silent Ops:

    Silent Ops is not as hard as wiki say but it do require some skill to obtain, especially in middle game tour. I would suggest to low down heat score to the 0%, Find a clear and quiet AO with less enemy. If you still feel not good you can use Kill Card-Over flight! This will show some trap and asset, make you much more easy to maintain covert.

    The Insertion and Extraction is the most hard part of this ribbon. Insertion somehow relate to random fact, but the Extraction is all up to player skill. In the insertion, don’t start to advance while AO still overt (Especially you heard some VC shutting). just leave the LZ and find a big tree to hide, after everything cool down you can start your operation without problem.

    Extraction is the problem for some player. In early game, because you don’t have a rank to call secondary LZ so you need to check around the Main LZ before everything start.

    *If there are some asset with VC around the LZ. Use knife to take them down, or they will have chance to run into LZ and spot you.
    *Kill or Snatch every wandering VC before you call the Huey, at least make sure the wander VC just leave and not return back.
    *Find a nice hiding place before you call. Somewhere around LZ with enough cover
    *Turn to weapon free after Huey get into AO. This is use to prevent the VC walking to LZ before Huey come. You still have a chance to kill Inter VC without been spot if you found VC before him/her found you.

    EOD Ribbon:

    To obtain this, you need to walk around AO to step on trap. Yes, this cost your ranger’s life. As we have four type of trap, it is not easy to collect enough mine to get this ribbon. All you should do, is always prepare one Demo guy in your team. Make sure you get every chance when your ranger step on Pressure Mine.

    Sadly, it is still a hard job. I have average 22.68% AO cover for 150 patrols. By some sort of lucky I get this ribbon before I get [Elite Recon Operations]-100 mission success, most of my casualties is come from trap. So I get it by tear and blood. The reward-EOD is useful but maybe we should focus on not to step on tarp, isn’t it?! ^-^

    Jungle warfare:

    I would say this is the most hard one in ribbon list. 100% AO cover means you can’t miss any place, it is not easy! Thanks for Ribbon designer, they don’t ask you to complete the mission without detection or this will become a terrible ribbon to obtain.

    Before you go, like [Silent Ops]. Low down heat score to zero and use kill card-Over Flight. If you wish, you can also use [Agent Orange] and [Stealth Insert]. Agent orange can low down tree density make you much more easy to spot trap, asset and VC. Stealth Insert can avoid a possible trouble while Huey insert.

    There are several way to cover 100% AO. You can go any route if you want. I personal suggest the method provide by Urb.

    Here is a short video tell you how to operate Urb’s method.

    And here is another long video to record a fail mission to obtain the ribbon.

    Use screen view to make sure the ranger walk with straight line, then you will not need to frequent correct the position of ranger. After you arrive other side, settle position again!

    This method do not always make sure you get ribbon. Some accident might happened like Trap, or VC shoot. If your men down, you might face the worst nightmare to give up or need to decrease the distance you search. If you are going to use that tactic, be sure to take long time on recon.

    If you want to finished everything at once. You can divide the previous method to double the job then nothing will miss at all.

    Like this:

    Also you could check the short video.

    This method take much more time but can almost 100% make sure the success if you don’t lose your men.(Watch out the Trap!!!) Also, you are more easy to control your team. It work on avoid combat or knock someone off, all of situation will be easy to handle. By the way, Some of your men can get team effect to be much more sensitive on trap and VC,

    Another important thing. If you face any uncommon attack like group VC or Sniper even QRF. You can quick support any of your men just by weapon free because they are as close as normal formation. The bad is, you need to take double time and cover double ground. Double chance to blow yourself up if you don’t spot the trap. And take about 2 hours to finished the mission. (If you are lucky!)

    luckily, the ribbon does not require stealth style except silent Ops. Of course, it will be a good challenge to have a slaughter screen shot but with silent Ops ribbon. Maybe someone can accomplished this, of course not me.

    So, everyone please post your ribbon tactic and discussion or suggestion!!!

    Thanks for reading!


    I like this.


    Thanks @lt-dan ! Glad our Best Recon Adviser like this Guide. XDD




    Do you know why I don’t get the Dedication Ribbon: Awarded when you have three successful missions in a row.

    I have 4 distinguished result out of 4 (all mission accomplished).

    Thx for very usefull post.


    @clausk68 Thanks

    I think there are few possibility.

    *You rage quit
    *Game bug

    You can try more three mission, see if you can get ribbon again, means next three sccucessful mission. If not that may be game bug, if you really want to have this ribbon, reset and try recon again as it is just early carrier. XD

    It shouldn’t be that common, as I have that ribbon in my profile. XD

    If still got problem please keep ask below. >o<


    ok, I go for bug 🙂

    I still didn’t get the ribbon, until I failed, and then had 3 mission accomplished


    You need to have the three missions in the same session. You can’t log out in between them.

    It might be problems with rage quits etc so my suggestion is to start over and do three success in a row. I did and it worked.


    yes, realized that 🙂 one should just read the full text 😀

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