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    So that this place also shows the latest in game play development here my last test game.


    Mud and Blood 0.0.7 shipped to testers!
    The biggest MNB update packed with player functionalities
    Good day folks, Another insane week with a substantial patch again. Mainly this week I have added the functionality for the player. Rebuffed the Firefight Algorithm to make it crisper and realistic. We have a ton of surprise and support that both factions can call in giving the battlefield the level of depth you are to expect in the Mud and blood game.

    – Fixed a crash when a soldier was assigned the spec of a gunner in the middle of a firefight.
    – Added the Vicker K in the arsenal as a tier 3 weapon for the gunner
    – Added Springfield as starting weapon for all soldiers. Yep, they lied to us boys, we didn’t get the Garand once we left England!
    – Added the scoped Springfield for the allied sniper
    – Fixed an issue when clicking another soldier’s icon while specializing another.
    – Reduced medic radius to 100px + xp
    – Weapon bulk affects movement speed and aiming speed.
    – Gunner is no longer having a -20% to move speed but is now affected by weapon bulk. This gives more control over squads’ mobility to the player through weapon selection.
    – Added a cue from the soldiers when a plane is attacking
    – Remixed the shotgun sound with files provided by Masked Terror
    – Slowing down the bleeding rate
    – Coded the Light infantry skills
    – Coded the heavy infantry skills
    – Coded a buff engine that will centralize all modifications and alterations to your soldiers and the enemy.
    – Added an orange tracer to soldier firing AP rounds (heavy tier 2 skill)
    – Added a little ring sound to any rifle firing an AP
    – Added a line of sight check for the gunner to each shot when switching targets
    – Increased the Axis combat skill by 2 (to 20) and their health by 10 (to 100)
    – Optimized the infantry update function to have realistic gun operations notably with follow-through after shot, proper cycling for bolts and making sure an auto weapon doesn’t line up 2 burst back to back
    – Changed the radio sound for Germans to an actual ww2 radio chatter
    – Medic is getting a -10% to combat skill
    – Snipers will take a long time between shots.
    – Snipers on both factions are not affected by the enemy cover.
    – Fixed an instance where the soldier wouldn’t call spotted enemies
    – Coded basic fire behaviour
    – Replaced the red smoke grenade sprite
    – Added a black smoke sprite for fires
    – Coded the Arty, Strafe and Bomb run for the Siggy
    – Added little epitaph when a soldier dies
    – Rifle grenade distance is maxed at 1000
    – Reduced the time between the shots and the splash for artillery on both factions
    – Artillery will now fire 5 rounds minimum for both factions
    – Woodpile is not blocking the line of sight anymore
    – Added additional voice lines for Germans and allies, new and final German voice lines has been dropped by Lance and will be added in 0.0.8
    – Coded gun and rank progression for all soldiers

    So this week I will work at finishing the rest of the 12 classes’ skill upgrades, and give that AI maybe a little polish. This is looking good for the backend portion of the game where we will start to tackle career progression and campaign mechanics.

    Hope you guys are all staying safe and thank you for keeping up to date with the new Mud and Blood,





    – Snipers now starts with a M1917 Enfield
    – Slightly buffed the medics
    – Added specialty icon on the lower right of the soldiers’ portraits.
    – Fences can now spawn across the map
    – Medics, officers, RTO (comms) keeps their Springfield upon specialization
    – Added the last German voice lines, which are situational.
    – Added a couple more of American voice lines.
    – Helmet pop on a head shot.
    – Sniper skills coded.
    – Medics need to roll a skill check for all healing attempts now unless the patient is under 10 hp (disabled).
    – Installed defensive measures. Increased the halt time on contact.
    – AI Assault momentum will now fade with time.
    – Fixed an issue with the gunner’s detection range
    – Fixed an issue with the scout detection range
    – Enemies outside of the field of vision of your soldiers will vanish
    – First crude pass on the AI, mostly defensive doctrine.
    – Scouts can detect and fire on the move, (they still halt their move to fire but will resume)
    – Disabled the show enemy in the dev tools.




    Intelligence class tier 2 skill is briefing. If you find a map, gather your troops around and share the knowledge!
    [video src="" /]


    Newest TESTERS game patch 0.9a is here.


    urb (cattery on development)

    I’d like ppl to make their own maps and share them tho
    and the good ones would be featured

    there is space for 100 ribbons on the career panel
    this should keep us busy for a lil while

    there is 13 ranks in Mud and Blood Steam
    I don’t expect anyone to reach the last 2 or 3
    if you play average and you play a game everyday it will take you 10 years to reach rank 13

    a game takes around 20 min give or take
    20×377 for the complete campaing
    this should take you to lieutenant General
    Rank 10
    the last 3 ranks are purely there for fun

    I mean 10 average games a day will take you a year.
    So technically it is reachable.

    First few ranks will unlock classes
    ranks also give you one try for challenges
    so if you are a lieutenant General
    you have 10 tries to complete a community challenge
    if you are a cadet you only get one
    captain 3

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